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Month: August 2010


Every living being craves for independence. Every individual has his own definition of independence. Independence gives you the feeling to be free….free from boundations…free to do what u want….
Wid Independence Day jst around the corner, how independent do we Indians think v are ??

For some independence may mean to be financially independent. For some freedom is when they buy just two meals a day. For them this is freedom, freedom just to earn enough. For others more financially secure, freedom is when they can buy anything they want. Being financially independent gives us a sense of controlling things.

Independence can be when you are free to chose which career you want to pursue. For a high school student it means to chose a subject of his choice. For a graduate it is freedom to chose the area in which he wants to specialize. For an employee it means to be able to work on his choice of projects. And yet there are so many people who are  forced to work.

Freedom is also when you get chose your own friends and relations. You become free to move away from relations that break your trust. Being socially independent helps you in having your own identity in the society. You are not influenced by sumone to like a person on not. You have ur own views abt people. Not all get so lucky !!

Think of a bird in cage that is never able to fly away. The bird has to live its whole life at the will of its master. Most of us wont be able to survive these kind of boundations.We all enjoy freedom of movement. No one likes to be restricted to one place. You wont like if someone orders you to stay at one place. We can make our choices to live anywhere we want (legally ofcourse !!!). But still we have slaves who can never enjoy such independence….

The independence which we enjoy the most is freedom to speak our mind. Everyone has his own views and beliefs. But we tend to forget that our words may hurt others sometime. Freedom of speech does not mean that we speak ill of others. We all have rights to present our thoughts but we should think twice before speaking. What abt so many ppl who are never allowed to express how they feel ??

These were just few of the many freedoms which we can have. But how many people actually get a chance to live independently ?? Every year we celebrate our Independence Day. But have we ever really thoughts of all those who cannot enjoy even small liberties in life…..

Movie Magic.

Movies to dekhna sabka shauk hota hai…Its such a gud way for passing the time…Bt yaar koi achi movie to banao…Bollywood has decided not to make good movies…Out of hundreds of movies made each year only few turn out to be good n liked by the audience…

Mere saath to tragedy hai….jo movie hall mein dekhne ka socho vo barbaad….2010 ka to record hi kharab hai…”pyaar impossible”,  “karthik calling karthik”, “paathshala”, “kites” , “i hate luv stories” n “milenge milenge”…jo bhi movie dekhi sab barbaad…n latest is “aisha”….panauti (bad luck ) lag gayi hai mere movie dekhne pe to jaise…ye sirf mere hi saath ho raha hai ya sabka yahi haal hai ??

Movie to bahut hai bt sabka masala n magic jaise gayab hi ho gaya hai…Stories, acting sab itna thaka hua sa kyu hai is saal……”Rajneeti” and “Once upon a time in Mumbai” were atleast better than oders….Bollywood valo aisa mat karo….2009 gave so many hits “3 idiots”, “love aaj kal”, “kaminey” n many more…Bt dis year is going bad fr bollywood….Waiting eagerly fr “Peepli live”…ab amir khan se hi umeede hai achi movie ki…..

I jst hope ki agli movie “paisa vasool” ho….Bollywood koi achi movie banao plz…!!!!

My first ever…..

BLOG- the word tats so “in” dese days…frm actors to politicians to cricketers to housemakers to kids n kinda evry1…every1 is so much into dis “blogging” thing…Sum of ma frnds r evn so much addicted to it…so here i m trying to write my first blog ever….it sounds really stupid coz i hav no spl reason to write a blog.I hav nt even thot of any particular topic to write a blog (pardon me fr using so many shortcuts 😀 )

Hmm….thinking abt the wat to write i thot of all tats currently happening in my lyf…nthn gr8…jst sitting idle at home…no wrk to colg to attend n still i m so bsy….i m so bsy in being “VELLA”…..

Ah…one of the greatest event of my lyf tat happened recently… i got a job…yippeee…….
We in India r so workaholic…Since childhood we were told ki ek din hume “BADA AADMI” hona hai uske liye khub padhna padega,khub mann laga kar kaam karna chahiye…When i was a kid i thot ki “BADA AADMI” meant tat v hav to b very tall,…so i always thot ki few my family members (including my dad ) r so “BADA AADMI”….nw i realize ki such a stupid kid i had been…

Now tat i hav a job, i m so eager to enter the corporate world…it lyk a dream cum true…bt i havent got joining till nw…so still i m khaliyar 🙁

Nowadays all my relatives r giving me advices lyk “beta savings karna”,” jaada shopping mat karna” etc etc…..Suddenly evry1 seems so intrested in were i m spending……bt sabko kaise samjhaye ki savings to tab hogi jab salary milegi…uske liye to joining aani chahiye na….

And evn before joining the job i hav already spent loads on shopping….bt dis tym i hav been shopping officially fr the job…bt i hav also bought lots of faltu things(which i actually dun need)…bt grls cnt resist shopping na…… 😀

I knw u r all wondering y i m writing all dis crap…bt den i said i dun hav any topic in mind to write abt…n morever dis is my blog so i can write all my random thots out here….
i knw already i hav bored u… nw its tym fr me to stop writing…bt i promise….pakka next tym i wil write sumthing wid sense…….

Thnx fr all dose who hav read till the last 🙂
n dose who hav left in middle still thnx 🙂

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