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Day: April 30, 2018

Ziva is here! #AtoZChallenge

Last Chapter

It was seven in the evening and still no sign of the baby. By now, she had already had been in active labor for more than ten hours.

‘Natasha, we might need to think about the possibility of a C-section’, doctor suggested in the evening.

‘No, I have a birth plan, my child would be born naturally.’, Natasha was adamant.

‘The baby could go into distress.’, Ananth tried to convince Natasha.

‘No, just 30 minutes more. We have waited for so long.’


One hour later

The silence of the room was broken by the cries of the new-born. The child was born on her own will naturally ,healthy with rosy cheeks. Natasha had waited 40 weeks to hear this sound. It was music to her ears.

‘Congratulations, your baby girl is here. She is beautiful’, doctor exclaimed giving the child in her arms.

The baby was then taken away for clean up, while Natasha was moved to her room. Ananth informed her that they would be bringing their child to the room soon.

Her thoughts were hazy and it was taking time for the feeling of motherhood to sink in. She wanted to sleep, but could not wait longer to hold her princess in her arms.

Finally the nurse brought her child and gave her to hold and asked,’ Have you decided the name of the child? We need the name for our hospital records.’

‘Her name is Ziva!’, replied Natasha without giving it any second thoughts.

Ananth lovingly looked at her daughter and affirmed, ‘Yes, Ziva is here.’

——–The End——–

I am participating in #AtoZChallenge and this is the last part of the series that I have written this month. You can read my theme reveal here.

Do share your thoughts about this post. Hope you enjoyed reading the series as much as I enjoyed writing it. Looking forward to see you around more.Happy A2Zing!

You and Me! #AtoZChallenge

Last Chapter

It has been four weeks since her last labor pain scare in office, but there was no sign of the actual labor till now. Natasha had taken break from her work but she was getting bored of all the waiting. She had packed her hospital bag and was set to go any day, anytime. But, doctors were only telling her to wait and watch.


15 October,2015

Natasha and Ananth were having breakfast when Natasha spoke, ‘I think my water broke’.

‘Are you sure?’,asked a confused Ananth.

‘Ananth, Do I look like I would joke about something like this?’, Natasha replied with an angry look.

‘Oh yes, you are right. We need to rush to the hospital. Let me get the car keys’, Ananth realized the seriousness of the situation when he looked closely at Natasha.

‘And do not forget the bag’

‘Which bag?’

‘My packed bag for the hospital!’, Natasha replied with an agitated tone.

‘Yes, yes I will take that.’, murmured Ananth.

The car ride to the hospital was uneventful except the number of times Natasha scolded Ananth for either driving too fast or too slow. They reached hospital in record time and Natasha was wheeled into the room. Her doctor was called up and in the meantime routine checkup was performed.

‘Your water has broken but the baby is still not ready to come out yet. We need to wait for some time more.’, doctor explained to them after they had waited for two hours.

‘But, for how long? I want epidural now. I am tired and in labor pain.’

‘Natasha, its the pain talking. You did not want to take anything for the labor pain earlier. Are you sure now?’, asked her doctor.

‘Ah, stupid me. I will wait before take epidural.’

‘Nats, you don’t need…’, Ananth tried to convince her.

‘Some more time Ananth, baby will be here soon.I can wait. You and me will be real parents soon.’, and they waited.

——–To be contd.——–

I am participating in #AtoZChallenge and this is twenty-fourth part of the series that I will be writing this month. You can read my theme reveal here. Tune in tomorrow to read what future holds for them.

Do share your thoughts about this post. Did you like what you read & would like to read further? Looking forward to your thoughts. Happy A2Zing!

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