Theme Reveal #A2Z2019 – Indian Culture Diary!

Come April and bloggers around the world, join the splendid journey of #A2Z. The bloggers write 26 posts throughout the month, one for each letter starting from A to Z. And, Sunday being break day.  I will be participating for the third time. The first year I wrote random posts without a theme. Last year, […]

A woman’s dream

‘Welcome to Mumbai. The outside temperature is 32 degrees. Have a pleasant stay!’, the announcement in the flight broke Natasha’s thoughts. She was returning to India after two years. She was eagerly waiting to breathe the air of her motherland. The two years she spent in USA seemed like a different life now. She was […]

Perfect As You Are!

‘Maa, why doesn’t Daadi love me like Ruhi? Why was she calling me as black as coal?’, asked 5 year old Rohini from her mother. Rohini lived in a joint family in a small village, where 18 year old girls were married off to older men for money.She had long curly hair with dusky features. […]

Born this way & proud of it!

” I’m beautiful in my way ‘Cause God makes no mistakes I’m on the right track, baby I was born this way “ The first time heard these lyrics from the Lady Gaga’s song Born this Way, I knew this song represents a part of me. The lyrics fit the story of my life perfectly. […]

Working Woman and Proud Mother!

Year 2010: A usual scene for a fourth year engineering graduate was celebrating after getting campus placement. That’s what I was also doing. I was elated to begin the journey in a corporate world. The excitement of earning salary and ability to spend it all on shopping! The naive me was unaware of all the […]

Places to visit in Nashik – Photo Blog!

The Jyotirlings are an integral part of Hindu faith. They are total 12 in number and people spent lifetime visiting them all. I recently visisted Trimbekshwar in Nashik district, Maharashtra and also explored places in and around Nashik. Nasik caves Tapovan Panchavati Sita Gumpha Sharing below few pictures from the travel. This article is written […]

Forgive or Forgot?

‘Forgive me Father for I have sinned’, said Amber sitting in the confession room of the Church. The Priest sitting on the other side of the division did not thinking it would be any different day. ‘Child, no sin is greater then Lord’s mercy. He forgives us all.’ ‘But Father, I have done something bad, […]

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