Activities to engage a toddler during lockdown!

The lockdown has been like extended school vacations minus going out and exploring new places. To engage a toddler, it became necessary to come up with multiple activities. It seemed impossible in the beginning, but soon I realized that it was in fact easy. No need to buy fancy toys and we utilized things readily […]

Quick bite – Veg Momos Recipe!

“Good food is wise medicine!” My day is incomplete without evening snacks and I am always looking for variety to eat. Some days back, the craving for Momos led me to the kitchen. Surprisingly, it was not as difficult as I had believed it to be. Here is the recipe for Veg Momos. Stuffing for […]

Are You Really Free?

We have celebrated our Independence Day just few days back, which marks the freedom from the British rule. Year 2020 has marked drastic changes in lives of people all over the world. But as Indians, do you consider yourself to be really free in these testing times? There are still few perceived notions which have […]

Father-son laughing together

Parenting 101 – Funny lies parents tell to their kids!

If there is ever a manual on Parenting released by God, then it would be a best seller! Becoming parents was not difficult, but raising a toddler and answering all questions is a tough job. Some white lies have been told by ages & even we continue to do so. Here is a list of […]

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