Bihar & Jharkand Culture Diary!

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After a dose of Assam, it’s time to explore the state of Bihar and Jharkand, which lie in the eastern part of India. Let’s explore them both one by one.

Image Source : TripAdvisor, Bodhi Tree in Gaya

Bihar Culture Diary

The Land of Buddha as it is fondly called has a rich history going back to the times of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita. It is the seat of knowledge, were once stood great university, Nalanda University.  Records talk about the vast fire that burnt the great library of Nalanda University and continued for three months. Imagine the sea of knowledge perished about which we have no idea!

Festivals of Bihar:

Image source : Hindu World

I have had friends from Bihar and the one thing they loved most was Chath Puja. It is celebrated to thank Sun for his bestowing the bounties of life on earth and fulfilling particular wishes. People fast for a long time and stand in water, making offering to setting & rising Sun. My last Apartment Building made special arrangement by cordoning off an area and creating an artificial pond for the prayers. It was a soothing experience to watch so many people praying to the Sun at same time. 🙂

Food of Bihar:

My mouth is watering even thinking about it! One of my favorite food comes from this region – Litti Choka. I can eat it day in and day out.

Image Source : Whisk Affair

For the long time, my father was posted in Bihar during his job tenure, he had covered much of Bihar and had made a habit of having Sattu Parathas. And, Sattu drinks provided sigh of relief from the scorching heat of summers.

Special Mentions:

Image Source: IndiaMART

Madhubani paintings of Bihar are famous for depicting nature and the Hindu deities like Krishna, Ram, Durga or Saraswati. It adorned the walls on all special occasion. Secretly, I wish to own one of these paintings too! 🙂

Bodhi Tree in Bodh Gaya, the place where Gautam Buddha had obtained Enlightenment. It is a place of worship of equal importance for Hinduism and Buddhism. This again is a place on my list of must visit places in India.

Jharkand Culture Diary

Source and credits – Crave Bits

The state boosts of a high tribal connect since time immemorial with an approximate of 32 major tribes. Art historians ascribe the ‘oldest cave paintings’ in India, the “scroll paintings” to a Jharkhand tribe known as the Shabars, who today live on the edge of extinction.


The people believe in their ancestors are guardian angels. The bones of the deceased after cremation are kept along with bones of ancestors under Sasandiri which is called Jangtopa Ceremony. Each year family members gather together and pay tribute to the these burial stones.

Special Mentions:

Jharkand is famous for Dokra craft, whereing clay is concealed withing metal casting. They are hand-crafted and intricate figurines made of brass scrap.

Source :

I have not been to either Bihar or Jharkand, but the history and the legends compel me to plan the travel soon. 🙂

Are you from Bihar & Jharkand or have you been to any of these states? What are your fondest memories and traditions about these places? Do share your thoughts in comments.

This is second post in the series of #A2ZChallenge – Indian Culture Diary. Do drop by for more such wonderful posts.

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    The Untourists

    (6th April 2019 - 11:28)

    Having spent a lot of time growing up in Jamshedpur, I have a fond association with the region. Dying to make a trip to Bihar/Jamshedpur


    (4th April 2019 - 19:32)

    They both sound like places that are rich in culture – I hope you get to visit them one day

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