Car seat safety for kids!

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I am a person who loves to travel and I knew that I would spend hours on roads with my family on long drive. Even before my child was born, I had a car seat finalized for my car. There are no strict rules in India for child car seats. But, as a parent it is our duty to keep them safe during travel. The available adult seat belts are not fit for providing enough defense for small babies and children.

When to Start?

The car seat should ideally be bought as soon as child-birth happens. The first journey to home from the hospital with the baby should happen on this car seat. There are some countries which make it mandatory to have a car seat before leaving hospital, even if it is not, one should install one it. The child seat must be used the child becomes at least 18+ kg. in weight.

HOW to USe Car SEat?
  • Child seat should always be fitted in the rear seat of the car.
  • Air bags in front of the baby seat must be disabled.
  • Most contemporary cars have an anchor point behind the rear seat to which the child seat can be attached.
  • Three point seat belts can also be used to fit a car seat.
Choosing a  car seat

When it comes to choosing a baby car seat, you have several options as mentioned below –

  1. Infant Car Seats – You can choose an infant car seat till the baby is one year to one and half-year old (nearly around 13 kg). These are rear facing car seats.
  2. Convertible Car Seats – These function as both front facing or rear facing and can be used till the baby is around 4 years or 20 kg.
  3. Booster Seats – Once your child outgrows his baby seat, you use a booster seat. It can be used till is about 7 years.

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Having a car seat not only gives you a comfortable ride but also a lot more safety for the baby, as compared to carrying him in your hands. Please remember that  loosely/inappropriately fitted child seats are as dangerous. For more information on child car safety, you can visit

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