Meghalaya and Mizoram Culture Diary!

Meghalaya Culture Diary Amidst the Eastern Himalayas, lies the ‘abode of clouds’ – Meghalaya. The state which has the wettest place on earth and breathtaking views. If you love rock music then you must visit Shillong, known as the ‘Scotland of the East‘. It is a state where women empowerment is witnessed in reality. The […]

Lakshadweep Culture Diary

Previous Post After numerous states of India, it is time to explore the culture of the smallest Union Territory of India –Lakshadweep. It  means “one hundred thousand islands” in Sanskrit and Malayalam. Though the majority of population is Muslim ethnicity now, the original inhabitants are believed to be four communities -Aminidivi, Koyas, Malmis and Melacheris. The culture is […]

Karnataka Culture Diary!

Previous Post In today’s post let us explore the state that is home to Silicon Valley of India. We will explore the culture rich state of Karnataka. The inhabitants of the state belong to Dravidian ethnic group and are called as Kannadiga. The Hindu Epic Ramanaya mentions this region as Kishkindha and Mysore is referred […]

Jammu and Kashmir Culture Diary!

Previous Post As a traveler in India, I have seen the southern and eastern parts of the country. Living in North and still so much is left to explore.  Three years back I got a chance to visit the Crown of India, the place known as Heaven of Earth, the state of Jammu & Kashmir. […]

Intriguing Himachal Pradesh Culture Diary!

Previous Post Rich culture, friendly people and the snow-clad mountains are a welcome sign for the state of Himachal Pradesh. As a child, I had visited Himachal Pradesh with school tour after tenth grade. Passing by the spiral mountain ranges, looking out of the window, I was mesmerized. And, till date I am in awe […]

Haryana Culture Diary!

Previous Post Coming up next on the Indian Culture Diary is Haryana – ‘the home of Gods’. Haryana has a rich cultural history dating back to Harrappan civilization(Indus Valley Civilization). It is here that Vedas came into existence and Sanskrit became an important part of people’s life. Paved roads, drainage system, metallurgy and even rain […]

Goa Culture Diary!

Previous Post Think about Goa and you are instantly reminded of pristine beaches with glittering sand. Beyond the sun,sand & sea, there is a lot more to explore in Goa. Goa, fondly call the ‘Rome of the East’ was Portuguese colony for over 450 years and the culture is highly influenced by them. Festivals of […]

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