A day in my toddler’s life!

Toddlers are the hyperactive creatures who have energy to last a 48 hours in a 24 hours day. With online school beginning and my son transitioning from a play group to formal schooling, his days are interesting. The day begins with the “Mother Me” trying to wake up my toddler for nth times and him […]

Are you healthy?

When you hear the word healthy, what comes first to your mind? Often we are only reminded of physical health. Are we in any physical pain or discomfort? What about our mental health? A person who looks heathy to you might be undergoing struggles of his own and not speak up. Last two months have […]

A Ray of Hope!

What a day it had been for Ananth! Endless appointment, one after the another and he could not even catch his breath. He cannot remember when he had got a good night’s sleep last time. Did he even go home this week? He has been on his shift for 32 hours without shutting his eyes […]

Experimentation and some more!

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” –  (Ralph Waldo Emerson) The quote is very apt in our daily lives. One way or another you are always experimenting and learning new things. Each day can be a learning and enrich you. I began blogging as an experiment and did not […]

The Authentic City!

Once upon a time there was a gated city named Authentic. It was ruled by King Trueman and there was only one law for its citizens to abide by, “to be authentic”. The law might look simple, but was difficult for all to follow and hence the population was always less in this city. Those […]

You and Me!

“Don’t you think I have been neglected long enough! I have given you time and space. You should come back to me now!” I can almost imagine my blog saying this to me. And, this time I am not doing it on purpose. Things just happened! Work, second time motherhood, a toddler who started his […]