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Oops, I am too outspoken! #AtoZChallenge

I speak too much for my own comfort level. What should I say? I have been gifted with extremely absurd sense of speech.  Maybe, I should get a grip and learn to shut down my mouth and not be outspoken. Don’t think that I have not tried doing it, I try my best. But, the thankless brain shoots out words before even processing them!

It’s not that I am always like this, but sometimes things just fall out of line and happen. Take an example, last week there was a person boosting himself way too much in a social gathering. Everyone else was Ok-ish with it. But, my big mouth had to speak & that person is not talking to me till now. Is it a good thing or bad?

I can quote another example of when I had first joined job. Fresh out of college & too eager to give my inputs in a meeting. I spoke too soon since I had just gone through the training about the topic. And, others( Read: few Seniors) did not like it. As long as I was working with them they had an issue with it. In my defense, it was a brainstorming session. Isn’t it suppose to be all about everyone equally giving their ideas?

We all will have many such incidents in life, where we regret speaking too much or too little. I can assure you I have a whole book to write about it. But, in the end I have learnt to have a grip and implement ‘think before you speak’ policy.

Do you have any such embarrassing incidents which you would like to share? It’s okay to share, we can all learn something from it. 😉

Friday Night Fantasy ! #AtoZChallenge

‘Friday night and the lights are low
Looking out for a place to go…’  – Abba (Dancing Queen)

(Image from internet)

I was in school when I first sang this song as part of music competition and it has stuck with me ever since. This song was our first encounter with the Friday feeling. Friday nights are meant to go out & party. Within the first week of job itself we were eagerly waiting for the weekend. And after so many years I am still as excited as before.

And since it’s Friday night, I am in mood for some dance & music, little hip hop or Bhangra. I may even watch a movie tonight or read some novel. But today is break time from writing ! Happy Weekend everyone 🙂


Hextraordinary day spent with Tata HEXA !

As a frequent traveller, I always look forward to comfort & safety in the vehicle. The new TATA Hexa fulfills both these requirements. Tata Motors is planning to launch Hexa is January 2017. It is a spacious SUV with the glimpse of all comforts & ease.

I got a chance to experience vehichle at Hexa Experience Center in Gurgaon. The experience center was had attractions like –

  • A range of Tata brands stalls
  • Fun-zone for kids
  • Live performances by bands
  • Refreshment zone
  • Pet Adoption corner
  • And the bes of all – on road & off track test drives for Hexa

We had to complete registration process at the entry & then got our photos clicked at the dedicated photo booth. The Tata Motors representative were very helpful in explaining the features & answering all our queries. The on-road test drive was a smooth experience & vehicle remains stable at all speeds. As a novice driver, I liked going in for automatic version.


Next we went for the off track drive. This demo was given by trained professionals & first instructions was  to buckle up the seat belts. We got the chance to enjoy all four modes of the vehicle –  Comfort, Dynamic, Auto and Rough Road. The drive was safe in all aspects. The vehicle boosts of Hill Hold Control (HHC) & Hill Descent Control (HDC). It also has six passenger air bags, which should be a must feature in all vehicles.


For comfort you have power windows, nice interiors, tilt steering & spacious seating arrangements.

So, if you are looking to buy a vehicle, do give Hexa a chance & experience it yourself to decide.

(All the views expressed are my own & are not influenced by anyone).



Being a responsible Indian Citizen !

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

India is a democratic country – government of the people, by the people & for the people. We chose our ministers & expect them to keep all things in check. How often do we even think to do our bit for the country ? We do have fundamental rights, but what about the fundamental duties that accompany it ?

Power cuts, broken roads, corruption, bribery – just crib about it & then forget to act. It’s 2016 & high time we take things in our hand. We adults have the responsibility to set good example for coming generations.

Indian flag
We Power
Commit to follow rules

Let’s begin with baby steps. Driving a two-wheeler, then wear a helmet. In a car, put on seat belt. Red light means to stop, so stop & don’t rush through it.Don’t drink & drive. And, if  at all you are caught breaking a rule don’t negotiate with authority – accept the legal course of action !

Promote Equality

Do we even need any explanations about it ? Stop differentiating between people on every small things you can find about. Religion, color ,gender – was this not enough  already that we now make religion based discriminations. There is enough destruction is the world, for a better future we need to ACT NOW !I know I am walking on thin lines here & should stop writing anymore.  🙁

Copied from google
Copied from google
Become knowledgeable & wise
Copied from google images
Copied from google images

Let me be clear – I am not talking only about getting an education. With education we learn facts, whereas applying those facts for betterment is being knowledgeable.Knowledge has no limits or age bar or a defined syllabus.Ofcourse, basic schooling should be given to all & government is doing it’s part by various schemes like – school chale, midday meals, etc. We do see examples in daily life where educated people are the monsters. Highly educated but demand dowry, educated but believe in female foeticide & honor killings, educated but employ small children as workers. On the other hand are the parents not formally schooled but work hard to get their children educated. This act makes them knowledgeable.

Respect those who defend us – our Soldiers

How can countrymen be safe without their sacrifices ? They leave their families to defend ours. Rail,hail or sunshine a soldier is always on duty. Respect them, what they do, how they live. Soldiers do not only constitute of those manning our borders. There are so many roles involved – infrastructure, operations, logistics, etc. All of these come together to keep make our country a safe place. Have faith in them & lets not question what or how they do what they do.

Copied from google images
Copied from google images

This is just a small list of things that We – common people can do help our country. What other things do you think can help use make our country better ? Do share your thoughts in comments.

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( The thought process in the post is inspired by the topic of Indispire#138 – How can We,the common public,help our country India?. All images copied from Google images & credit goes to the owners.)

Things I miss about my Navratri celebrations at home !

Navratri is the beginning of the festival season for all of us. Each of the nine days is dedicated to different Avatars of Goddess Durga.Festivities start with Navratri to Dussera & continue till Diwali.

Food for fasting
Sabudana khicdi

Starting from the first day, when everyone at home would be fasting & kids used to get leverage. Fasting for us meant eating loads more yummy food. Sabudana khicdi, kuttu pakode, potato chips,halwa-poori – top ones I could think right now. In my family the fasting is done for first seven days & Asthmi(eighth day) is Kanya Pujan.

Navratri Food
Food for fasting

My nephew is participating in Ramleela celebrations this time. He reminded me of my childhood celebrations. Everyone practising different roles & fight to get selected as Ram, Sita or Hanuman for skits held in the society.We used to collect funds from people living in the colony. Small Ravana replicas were created by all kids in the block & burnt in the evening. Over the course of nine-day different parts of Ramayana are enacted. Huge processions passing through the streets with children dressed as different Gods & Goddesses. Am I the only one getting nostalgic? Or you too are missing those carefree celebrations ?

Ramleela celebrations
Ramleela celebration
Girls worshipped for KanyaPujan
Kanya Pujan

As a child, I used to wait eagerly for the Asthmi/ Navmi (9th day). Girls would be dressed up in the best clothes & visit nearby home for the Kanya Pujan. Being treated as a Devi & worshipped is an amazing feeling. Also, there used to be one boy whom we would all tease.For a little kid that is a special privilege. We were fed halwa-poori-chana & given small gifts. Mothers were fed up by the end of the day, cause they were not even aware of our whereabouts throughout the day. Just thinking about it now & I am craving to relive all those moments again.

We celebrate the tenth day (Dussera) to mark the victory of good over evil – Lord Ram over Ravana. Evenings were spent in visiting different pandals & watching Ravana being burnt to signify the victory. I used to accompany my Grandpa & would constantly nag him for buying him different toys at the mela shops.

Ravana Effigy
Ravana Effigy

Dussera is known as Durga Puja in West Bengal, wherein pristine life-size crafted idols of Goddess Durga are installed in pandals. The idols are immersed in water on the last day. In later years, we had started witnessing this culture even in Lucknow. Adding up to the variety of celebration 🙂

A Devotee offering her prayer while Pujari deeply engrossed in performing the Maha Ashtmi Puja at a pandal in New Delhi on October 19, 2007

Thinking about Navratri & how can I miss the Dandiya – Garba sessions of Gujarat. People engrossed in the graceful dance steps. I am guilty of having injured quite a number of people with the Dandiya sticks. Dandiya nights held in school & college. Sadly,I am yet to attend any Dandiya night this year. Just close your eyes and you can hear Falguni Pathak songs in the background.

Too many things to cherish about the Navratri celebrations. I hope that you were able to recall few of your own sweet memories. Eagerly waiting to hear about how you celebrate the Navratri, any rituals close to your heart !

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