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Too much to write about !

Hello people ! It’s been long time since I have written a proper blog. Too many things too handle.

I have changed address both in real world & the virtual world – shifted to Delhi & then moved blog to this new address. To be honest, both were time consuming but fun processes. Shifting cities – packing – unpacking – settling down – phew…I can write pages on dos & donts about moving to a new place. Maybe I will write about it soon.

Forgot to mention, I also attended my first IndiBlogger meet the same day I landed in Delhi. Met some wonderful fellow bloggers & looking forward to meet them all again. Things got busy in office too.Then, I have also been travelling here & there,

– Spiritual journey to Tirupati & Shravanabelagola
– Journey to Kashmir for escaping the harsh summer
– Long weekend adventure in Sri Lanka
– Short trip to Dehradun & Mussorie

I have so much to write about all my experiences to these wonderful places. For sure, next time when you visit the blog it wont be just some random post like this… 🙂

Happy reading till next time we meet !
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Random writers !

Randomness of events lead me to write this very random blog post. And the random question for the today is – “When & why did I start blogging ?”

The ideal category of people aim for something & start working towards it. But, the abnormal souls like me juggle through too many things & then stick to one of the many choices.

 Year 2010, just graduated & was awaiting my job joining. Addicted to reading over internet brought me to the world of blogging.The decision to start writing blog myself was a random choice. I was habitual of filling pages with anecdotes, poems, feelings & what not. So, why not start writing online ? You can read my first post here.

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 First few thoughts were – it looks easy, so many people write, even I can do it. And, I could not have been more wrong. It’s not that simple a job. It’s your brainchild & you need time to nurture it. Thus came a long break, even before I had taken proper steps in blogging world.

What did I do in all these dormant years ?

Job & Travel. Read loads of traveler blogs & obvious realization hit me that I too wanted to share my travel stories with the world. So here I am, looking forward to connecting with others & making amateur efforts to inject bug of travelling in people. 🙂

This was my story & would love to hear your reasons for blogging.
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Books & more books !

I am a self-proclaimed book addict & I have no shame in shouting it at top of my voice. Nothing better than reading & getting lost in a different world.I remember watching my dad reading novels till late night & falling asleep. I guess I had caught on this habit very early in life. Now, I have stumbled across this crucial question – Which fiction author’s book/novel you like most? Why ?

Let’s turn back the time wheel & start from the beginning 🙂

As a kid I used to read Twinkle comics, Champak & Nandan. We used to eagerly wait for the new editions & weekends were reserved for reading them. I gradually grew out of them.

One fine summer evening, I was introduced to the world of ‘Malory Towers’ by Enid Blyton. Next few months were spent searching for all the six books of the series.  I used to dream about going to such school. The elaborate description of the towers & the school campus. They are still alive in memories. It was followed by the craze for ‘Famous Five’ & ‘Secret Seven’ by the same author.

I moved on and entered the magical world of Hogwarts. Which kid did not love the Harry Potter series by J K Rowling. To top that I was reading the HP series even during my board exams. We all kind of grew up with the 11-year-old Harry Potter to the one taking his OWLs. The trio – Harry, Hermione & Ron were the epitome of friendship goals. HP series taught me how to stick around even in harsher conditions.

For romance I walked through the pages of  Mills & Boon. Next in line was ‘Shopaholic series’ by Sophie Kinsella. That series mentions shopping in the name itself. I was bound to like them. The  thrill I felt while reading ‘Tell me your Dreams’  made me fall in love with Sidney Sheldon.Off late, I have developed interest in reading fictional mythologies by Amish Tripathi. The thrillers by Ashwin Sanghi & Jeffrey Archer also keep me hooked on.

As you can tell this list is endless. I cannot point my finger to one author & call him/her my favorite. There is wide ocean of authors to choose from & I for sure do not want to make the tough decision of favoring one.  I know there are loads of people who feel the same. Do comment & let me know what authors you like the most…

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Romancing with books

“That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.”
                                                                                                                                             – Jhumpa Lahiri

book2This quote best describes my love for reading. I can live my life sitting in a library and read day & night. How many countless nights have I spent reading novels instead of course books. I remember my board exams when I was busy with Harry Potter series or my semester exams spent going through novels online. And, now my parents know about it after so many years. Sorry Mom 😀

I am sure all bibliophile fall into the same category & consider themselves to be the greatest reader/collector of books. Books are the one friend I know will never fail me. The long train journeys or the waiting for the delayed flights – a book has seen me through all. An interesting book & a cup of coffee, that’s all I need the company I need for travelling.

Recently, I came across a bookstore in the by-lanes of the city & instantly fell in love with this shop. It is kind of a reader’s paradise. All kinds of books ranging from history, fiction, non-fiction, biographies & what not! Books few hundred years old!

book1I got a book even older then my parents. On no previous occasion had I bought such old book. It like being part of history. This book was given as a prize to a school student for excelling in studies in year 1939. Whenever I open the book I can feel the same thrill that student must have felt on getting the book. It gives me the feeling of flipping through history. I know I sound so dramatic here. But, I am just being honest.

My heart cries every time I hear someone telling they don’t read books. Come on, who does not like stories. I can understand few people wont like certain kind of books. I don’t like reading biographies much. But seriously the thought of not liking any book at all sounds absurd to me.

I am sure my love for reading will continue for lifetime & I will definitely pass it onto people around me too…


Just Another Day…NOT !

Once in a while you feel that whole world is conspiring against you. And yes, you are not mistaken. That’s exactly what is happening. Nothing works out as it is supposed to be. You realize that you are having worst day ever possible.

You have an early morning meeting in office but you wake up late (after hitting snooze on alarm n times). Rather than sharing the workload, maid decides to increase work exponentially. Well she also has the right to do things as per her wish.

The microwave does not work as the power backup in your apartment does not support it. There goes your plan to have quick breakfast. And you think you can still manage to reach office on time. Beware, day has just begun!

At last you are ready to leave the home. Grab your keys, run to the parking, start the vehicle. But, the damned vehicle does not start. You know this is not the end of the world. So, you plan to hire a cab. Booking a cab through app on phone is another battle in itself. To add to the woes the cab driver gets lost on the way to pick you up. Another twenty minutes have passed & no signs of the cab. Somehow you reach office, actually running around half of the campus & people staring at you.

After the entire morning struggle you realize the meeting will begin late. Finally you take deep breath. Some solace. The day is not that bad even. You can attend meeting on time & you are back to your chirpy self….Yippee!…Until you realize that you are stuck on the same issue since long time & have no idea what might be wrong. Oh! So from chirpy to grumpy again in few minutes. Keep sulking throughout the day. Blaming you or maid or the cab driver or that late night internet surfing session last night. The day drags to an end.

Again, begins the battle to hire a cab and reach home. Top it with some evening traffic & the potholes filled road. You are at a short distance from home stuck in traffic, just then the Rain God decides to pay a visit. Since you have the laptop you cannot just leave the cab and walk home. Why me? Why? That’s what you are probably thinking. Have patience, the day is about to end. You will be home soon & can enjoy your cup of coffee. Out of the blue your cook also declares that he is taking a day off. Seriously, does everything has to go wrong on the same day?

After all the trouble throughout the day Mr. Husband decides to be the savior & takes you out to for the dinner. You are still suspicious of what new chaos is waiting to happen. But nothing goes wrong. Enjoy your dinner followed by ice-cream & a long drive. Finally the day ends on the happy note.

The day has not ended exactly – you log onto Facebook after returning. Then five minutes of surfing internet turns into fifty & you again sleep late. And the cycle continues…

(Note – I still think that Facebook is at fault because it made you sleep late & then you missed your alarm & we know the story after that.)

bad hair day
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