Certain of Uncertainty !!!

People may find the topic a bit confusing. But for me nowadays “Certainty” is an important word. I had to “Experience Certainty”. But right now I am so certain that my life is going towards uncertainty. Few months back I was certain that after my colg ends I wil have a gala time on my job. But […]

Movie Magic.

Movies to dekhna sabka shauk hota hai…Its such a gud way for passing the time…Bt yaar koi achi movie to banao…Bollywood has decided not to make good movies…Out of hundreds of movies made each year only few turn out to be good n liked by the audience… Mere saath to tragedy hai….jo movie hall mein […]

My first ever…..

BLOG- the word tats so “in” dese days…frm actors to politicians to cricketers to housemakers to kids n kinda evry1…every1 is so much into dis “blogging” thing…Sum of ma frnds r evn so much addicted to it…so here i m trying to write my first blog ever….it sounds really stupid coz i hav no spl […]

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