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Real goals for the year 2016

New Year resolutions – the much hyped term used year after year by us humans to define our goals. Each year I make ‘new year resolutions’ & fail to follow them after a month. I remember at times I had lost my goals in just one week of the New Year. So, this time I have two set of goals – the usual ones & the real ones.

The usual ones are almost same for everyone:

  • To adopt healthy lifestyle
  • To start exercising (the most common goal I guess)
  • To improve oneself professionally

I have had these same goals for years unknown. That’s why I needed something more practical this time. The goals which are closer to my heart, the ones which I know I will follow without making much fuss about them. So, the “Real Goals of 2016” for me are :

  • To learn the local language – I have been in this city for almost a year and yet to learn the language. Surviving in different cities is easier provided you know how to converse with native people. And, if by any change you are bitten by travel bug, then knowing the local language is a blessing.
  • To start running – I have participated in two marathons & had great experience both times. It’s about time I take running seriously.
  • To study more – Okay, so I won’t lie. I am bit unsure at the moment what I want to study now. But I will think of something soon.
  • To travel more – Well, who does not like travelling?

And finally, the most important & dearest goal is

  • To blog regularly – Will begin with goal for one blog a week & gradually try to spend more time writing. Can’t say about others, but I have seen my thoughts vanish for a long stretch of time.

Hmm, I have made short goals so they should not be that difficult to follow. Can someone tell me how do you just stick your goals throughout the year?

Do comment and let me know if you also have similar goals or face the same dilemma as me of forgetting the goals…







On a special date !

The date is set & venue is finalized. You may call me dressed to kill, but I am just being comfortable. I am elated because I am going on a special lunch date. I had been planning this for so long. I enter the cafe and immediately spot that cozy corner seat. I have ordered my favorite food – pasta & coffee. Sitting comfortably, I now open my book to where I had last left & indulge in the delicacy.

Sounds confusing? Oh, I forgot to add earlier that I was on a date with myself. I know I sound like a crazy person. That’s the reaction I had got from my family & friends. But, to tell you the truth I enjoyed my alone time. It’s fun. I was not alone but in company of a good book & coffee.

I was there for 3 hours and not for a sec got bored. Observed so many people – a bunch of college students bunking classes, people out for office lunch, a young couple talking through their silence & that small kid who was with his mom for treat. Thankfully, the owner did not through me out.

As the day passed, I realized how caught up I had been in this vicious cycle of life.In this busy schedule of coordinating between work & home, we tend to forget ourselves. The monotonous cycle becomes tiring. So, stop it before it takes over you. I loved going on a self-date & will plan soon for another day out.

For all the people reading the blog – Take a break right now. Go out, roam aimlessly, eat or sleep! Do whatever you love to do!

self date

Job Job Job !!!

Its been long since i wrote a blog…got bsy in trying to settle in professional world…so ab finally have a feeling tat i hav kind-off settled in my new phase…Things seem so different in “pre-job” and “post-job” period…Had to learn so many new things. Each day teaches u something new…

My initial experience of job training was awesome. Enjoyed the beauty of north-east. Every weekend travelled to a new place. North-east is a must visit for all those who love nature. The ILP(training) at Guwahati was the awesome time of my life. Had a wonderful place to live and no tension of food too…jst loved every bit of it (minus the regular training evaluations). The whole bunch of friends I had at training added extra  flavors to my life.Love all of dem fr being a part of my life !!

Hmm, the training was the fun part till now of my job experience…But then came the posting…None of us wanted ILP to end.Bt as it is said tat all good things come to an end…so finally our training ended wid loads of happy memories.

The original struggle began in the city of dreams,”Mumbai”. The city is more bsy than i had ever imagined…The only place where u are stuck in traffic  jam evn at mid-night. Initially I had was hesistant abt the city n how will I manage things on my own,etc,etc…But then I had solace coz my frnds were posted wid me here…So here also the “ghumne-firne” ke sessions are going on…n yaa I m blessed wid a wonderful ofc and a evn wonderful project team…Mere liye ek dum perfect team hai…puri mastikhor and bus always ready to party 🙂

Thanks to my team members,I njy my day at ofc a lot… 😀

Hmm…bt living in Mumbai is a struggle at first..But eventually i have come to like this too…At times one does feel of gng back home and living dere aaram se…bt aisa hamesha to possible nahi ho sakta na…So i m still in the phase where i want to go home,yet i wanna stay here n njy life more !!

Well,i can jst say that i m njying the extra freedom the job gives me n yes i m learning to hadnle the extra responsibilities also tat come wid the freedom…

In short, I m luving it !!!!