Uttar Pradesh Culture Diary

Previous Post We have been through different states of India and today is time to explore the culture of my home state, Uttar Pradesh. The heritage, architecture, vibrant colors and mouth-savoring delicacy – the state has it all. Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb has its root here where the major religions of the country confluence and co-exist happily. […]

Tamil Nadu Culture Diary!

Previous Post Today we will explore one of the oldest civilizations to ever exist, the state of Tamil Nadu. And, it is believed to be 2000 years old and is part of Dravidian family. Let us talk about the people, food, festivals and much more about Tamil Nadu. Food of Tamil Nadu Both vegetarian and […]

Sikkim Culture Diary!

Previous Post Today’s post is special for me, as we would explore the state where I went on a first trip with my best friend. Took us many years to plan to explore different state, because our lives had enough adventure in the city we lived! 🙂 The second smallest state of India home to […]

Rajasthan Culture Diary!

Previous Post The grandeur of Royals, the Desert Safari and the City of Lakes – a single state with all the adventures that you can imagine. It’s time to explore the culture of state of Rajasthan, the Land of Kings. Costumes of Rajasthan Visit Rajasthan once and you will amazed that men still wear Pagri […]

Quaint Arunachal Pradesh Culture Diary!

Previous Post Arunachal Pradesh, ‘the Land of Dawn-lit hills’, is home to 26 tribes & sub-tribes. The major tribes  of Arunachal are: Adi, Galo, Aka, Apatani, Nyishi, Tagins, Bori, and Bokar etc. There are three prominent culture groups here, first Buddhists, second group are Christians & Hindus, and the third group are Donyi Poloism. Food […]

Punjab Culture Diary!

Previous Post Welcome to the state where you are get heartwarming hugs and sumptuous food for taste buds. The people are hospitable and helping, it is the state of Punjab. Punjab word is derived from Persian word ‘panj’, (five), and ‘ab’, (water), for it is the land of five rivers. Costumes in Punjab The women […]

Odisha Culture Diary!

Previous Post The quiet life which is opening its arms to modernity is the state of Odisha. Odisha has a strong hold on the spiritual being of the person. Let us explore the stare of Odisha in today’s post. Odia Cuisine The dessert, Rasagolla is savored by people of Odisha and Bengal equally. Rice forms […]

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