Certain of Uncertainty !!!

People may find the topic a bit confusing. But for me nowadays “Certainty” is an important word. I had to “Experience Certainty”. But right now I am so certain that my life is going towards uncertainty. Few months back I was certain that after my colg ends I wil have a gala time on my job. But only having a job does not prove that life wil be all happy ever after….

I am sure that some people have already understood the reference to certainty. But for all those who have not yet understood…dont bother…coz i m sure u will certainly not understand it !!!

Well I know i m sounding crazy..But this is what happens when u sit at home for months. People wait for having holidays, just to sit back at home and relax..bt akhir kitna aaram kare koi ??? Ask me, you will be definitely bored of waiting n relaxing.

I am having fun in the extended hols…Who wouldnt like to just sit n keep on eating,watching television, roaming wherever u want, sleeping as much as u can n having no work to do…Sounds like heaven…doesnt it ?? Yet ,excess of anything is bad. And I am tired of “aaram”.

But even thinking of doing work doesnt help.Coz i m too lazy for tat too 🙂
Right now I am envious of all my friends who hav got their joining and are enjoying their jobs !!! I know most of you wont agree with me…Doing job is nt easy. You hav to manage so many things,etc-etc…But still its to better to do something na….

All the people whom i meet now have same questions “beta joining aa gayi tumhari ?”, “kab jaa rahi ho ?”. Ab un sabko kaun samjhaye agar in sawalo ka jawab mere paas hota to fir baat hi kya thi…These questions haunt me wherever I go…But if only i could answer them….I am sure soon i will know the javab to dis sawal…

I am not saying that I dont lyk hols or i dont want them…But if only dere was a way in which i could swap these hols with my joining. If only i could store these holidays and use them later when i would feel too lazy to go to office…lots of if-onlys….So all dis leads me to be certain of uncertainty in my life for few more days…

But kehte hai na “Dont lose hope is the moral of the story”….so keeping my fingers crossed for my early joining !!!!

[P.S. – I know after I join job I wil eagerly wish that i get few more holidays n den ppl around me wil remind me of dis blog…bt fr rite nw i m wishing tat dey end soon….]

Post Author: Dishki

0 thoughts on “Certain of Uncertainty !!!


    (24th September 2010 - 05:34)

    hmm… uncertain of the joining date.. bt b certain that 1s u join , u wont get tym even to ryt another blog!!
    chill dear… atleast there is certainty that u will join!! bas stay cool n njoy the “araam tym ” u r being blessed with…


    (24th September 2010 - 07:11)

    uncertainty is just a mirage of the lyf…how close u visualise it u find it to be more faint…dis all things r decided by the path covered in life which is judged by fate without it lyf becomes only certain to hv smthing….so smtimes uncertainty should be welcm.


    (24th September 2010 - 21:01)

    yaa…i knw dis is the best tym to njy…n who knws better dan u abt all the fun i m having…bt yaa it does get monotonous at times…


    (24th September 2010 - 21:02)

    sumtimes it welcum…bt nw its too much of testing tym !!


    (2nd October 2010 - 05:46)

    he he….. surely v all had a hard tym speculating d joining dates….. but as usual…. evrythng ends well….. so no w AAL IS WELL 😉 😀 Good going…… 😀


    (2nd October 2010 - 08:26)

    @niru bhai…
    hahhaa…haan finally everything is gud…. AAL IZZ WELL 🙂

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