Dreams…best time of sleep…Dream whatever u want. Go places, meet people and do all that u cant do in real life. Dreams inspire us to work for what we want. Dream high and you will surely achieve it. We all have loads of dreams…Dreams of a better future, dream of a secure life….But do dreams actually come true ??

As the time changes so do our dreams. Remember when you were a child you wanted to be superman or batman. Then you grew n wanted to be a pilot or astronaut. Then again dream changes and you become doctor,engineer or manager. Where did the dream vanish ? Being a child was better, atleast we could dream whatever we wanted to…But now even dreams are restricted and become more practical !!!

Everyday I have a new dream. My dream reminds me of what my subconscious wants. I had so many dreams in my life, few were realistic and many were just fantasy. Few became true n rest just disappeared. But that did not stop me from dreaming. At times I wonder of what use are dreams if they cant be achieved. Everyone reaches a point in their life when dreams sound like just another piece of fiction. A fiction thats good to read but not actually possible.

In last 4 years I have realized that some dreams are just not meant to be real. You want something so much that it becomes an obsession n den u realize that ur dream is not good for u. You move on in life n later in life laugh upon the same dream. Thats how life works. One dream is shattered and den u see hundred new dreams that will make ur life more beautiful.

Even if u lose a dream. Dont worry coz you surely have better things in life waiting for you. But too much dreaming is also not good. U just cant always day-dream n do nothing to make it come true. You may dream of owing a villa, but u just sit and do nothing to get it. Thats when dreaming becomes foolish. Work to fulfill all your dreams.

Never stop believing in your dream. U never know when one of your dream becomes a blessing in disguise for u. Dream big and strive to fulfill them. Till you dont dream you wont move ahead in life. No dreams, no desires will make life dull and boring !!!

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    (25th September 2010 - 04:26)

    i think this was ur best blog till date…. kuch tha isme that i really liked… i love to dream!!!
    n yes ur writing skills r improving!!!


    (25th September 2010 - 08:55)

    thnx a lot dear 🙂


    (25th September 2010 - 21:06)

    was nice 2 read dis…gals getting better wit evry blog..thumps up dear…


    (26th September 2010 - 05:01)

    thnx zain !!

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