Enchanting Amritsar- My travel story! #AtoZChallenge

Amritsar – the city is one of the major tourist destinations in India. City attracts Indians and foreigners alike. I have been fascinated with the city for as long as I remember & got an opportunity to visit it last year. It is the spiritual center for Sikhism.

Golden Temple, Amritsar
Golden Temple, Amritsar
How to reach Amritsar:

The city is well-connected by rail, road and airways to major cities in India. I had travelled by train from Delhi to Amritsar and took return journey by bus. You can also drive yourself from Delhi to Amritsar.

Places to visit in Amritsar:

Apart from finding your spiritual self, be assured that you will be eating lots of delicious food.

Golden Temple (Sri Harmandir Sahib) –

  • It is captivating place. The experience of visiting Golden Temple cannot be expressed in words. It is open for one & all to visit.
  • Before entering the premises, you need to wash your feet in the pool of water at entrance. As a mark of respect, head is to be kept covered at all the times. The head scarves are also provided at the entry if you do not have one.

  • Gurudwara is surrounded by a large lake which is filled with fishes. It is a treat for eyes to sit on the edge of lake and look at the calm water. 
  • The exquisite gold and marble work is an architectural marvel.

  • I had stayed there for long hours on my two day journey to Amritsar. Watching Gurudwara as the sun sets & when the sun rises was the best part of the whole journey.
  • And how can I forget the joy of enjoying food at the largest kitchen in the world. The food at Langar was delicious and the whole place is managed by the Sevaks.
  • It also has three Holy Trees sacred to Sikhs and houses the Akal Takht

Jalianwala Bagh –

  • It is a memorial place for Jalianwala bagh tragedy. It was established to commemorate the massacre of unarmed civilians by British forces on April 13,1919.
  • It serves as a gruesome reminder of the cruelties suffered by innocent people. British official Dyer went on a fire frenzy to shoot one and all as they had gathered to celebrate the festival of Baisakhi.
  • The place makes you take a step back into history and ponder about India’s struggle for Independence.
Radha Swami Satsang Beas –
  • Radha Soami is a Hindi expression meaning ‘Lord of the Soul’ in English. The main seat of the organisation ‘Dera Baba Jaimal Singh’ is located on the banks of the Beas River in Punjab.
  • The visitors need to submit all electronic items including mobiles and camera at the entrance. So, could not click any photographs of the place.
  • We had wanted to perform meditation under the guidance of a guru. But unfortunately could not do it. 
  • It is spread across large area and has distinctive residential & administrative blocks. The place is amazingly clean and green. Staying here is like a breath of fresh air. Here also the food at canteen was yummy!

Wagah Border –

  • It is famous for the “beating retreat” border ceremony which the Indian & Pakistan forces jointly follow. We had visited Amritsar when border tensions were at highest peak and the ceremony was cancelled for days. 
Famous food joints In AMRITSAR
  1. Kesar da Dhaba is famous for its parathas, dal and lassi combination.
  2. Kulcha Land known for it’s Kulchas.

That was all that I could explore in Amritsar on my short visit. Will surely add up more when I visit it again.  Do let me know what other places/activities you liked on your visit to Amritsar.

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