Familiar yet unfamiliar- Deja vu! #MyFriendAlexa

As a kid, I had lived in this city years ago with my family. I used to play in these streets & go to the school located at the corner of street. My best friend lived next door & we used to walk to the school together. We shared same interests & followed each other whole day. Neighbours called us the mischeif-duo. We had explored this area together. Were lost so many times and yet found new roads.

I remember her voice clearly as if it was yesterday when I had last talked to her. Her habit of making faces at people is still fresh in my mind. And, I laugh every time I recall stories of her silly fights with her elder brother. He was so notorious or rather a hooligan as our teachers used to say.

As fate would have it, I am revisiting this city after 20 years for my cousin’s marriage. On reaching the venue, I recognize the similar shops in the side lanes. I plan to visit my childhood home located not too far from here. I am excited at the prospect of meeting my childhood friend & visiting my school.

To my amazement nothing has changed & I can spot my friend just outside her home. I shout her name and then she looks back. I wave and move towards her. But, there is no sign of recognition on her face!

Suddenly, I hear a familiar voice calling out my name. It’s my elder sister who has followed me till here from venue. She catches her breath & with a confused look asks, “Where exactly are you going? And, why did you leave the venue alone in this new city?”

I respond with amused looks,”Don’t you remember our home? We have lived here for five long years.”

Nothing could have prepared me for the reply that my sister gave, “But,we have never lived in this city and are visiting it for first time.”

I was surprised & confirmed it with my other family members. Only after assurance from my father I realized that I have never lived in this city as a child. The memories itched in my mind are figment of my childhood imagination. The familiar sights & sounds are actually unfamiliar to me.

How is it possible? How could I feel so connected to this place and what about the girl I saw? Is it my past life or a parallel universe? Or is it deja vu – familiar yet unfamiliar?

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Post Author: Dishki

16 thoughts on “Familiar yet unfamiliar- Deja vu! #MyFriendAlexa

    Nayantara | MommyingbabyT

    (23rd September 2017 - 01:59)

    Oh my God.. I had a chill go down my spine when I hit the spot where you reveal that youve never been here. Scary. Deja Vu happens so many times and it is frustrating when you cannot remember why you feel that deja vu moment. Lovely read.


      (23rd September 2017 - 08:10)

      Thanks a lot! Deja vu is such an unexplored word. If only we could understand our brains properly!

    Akshata Ram

    (23rd September 2017 - 07:39)

    Is this a possible case of reincarnation? As you seem to have experienced a very strong connection Which is unlikely


      (23rd September 2017 - 08:12)

      Might be because I had lived in a similar setting as a child. Small towns in our country do look alike a lot. πŸ™‚

    AuraOfThoughts MeenalSonal

    (23rd September 2017 - 08:30)

    Maybe you are looking for a girl in different city. I liked the phrase parallel universe, this makes us think in million ways. Great read.

    MeenalSonal from AuraOfThoughts


      (23rd September 2017 - 10:06)

      Mind tricks us in mysterious ways. πŸ™‚


    (24th September 2017 - 15:24)

    It could be your experiences in the astral world too! Whatever, you have penned down our experience immaculately!


      (24th September 2017 - 20:56)

      Hmm, you have given me another perspective to think…
      Thanks for visiting. πŸ™‚

    Keerthi Vydyula

    (26th September 2017 - 14:54)

    OMG! I was actually planning to post one such incident i have been through in my college days. I actually find deja vu rather exciting! It makes us feel superior for a moments that we know everything since log before we have actually been there or experienced! Isn’t that fascinating!


      (26th September 2017 - 17:34)

      It is an interesting subject for exploration. πŸ™‚

    Gayatri Gadre

    (26th September 2017 - 20:27)

    Wow, I had goosebumps reading this. These topics intrigue me a lot, Deja Vu, reincarnation, feeling strong connection with a new place. Did you try to speak with the girl you thought was your friend?


      (26th September 2017 - 22:39)

      Thanks for visiting!
      And, I did not talk to the girl. It was already an awkward situation. :/

    Tarang Sinha

    (26th September 2017 - 20:38)

    This is strange, very strange. If I over-think, I would assume it’s a possible case of reincarnation, maybe a glimpse. Not deja vu, I think. When it comes to deja vu, I experience a lot. So many triggers. I wrote a blogpost on this curious case of deja vu.


      (26th September 2017 - 22:40)

      Maybe you are right. We can never know. I would love to read your blogpost…

    Bellybytes (@unishta)

    (13th October 2017 - 17:30)

    I have had this experience twice in my life. Each time I felt I had seen the place in a previous birth…


      (14th October 2017 - 15:12)

      Ohh, were you able to find some connections?

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