Farewell to Thee…

Across life we have come across things we wanted to hold onto forever. Sometimes things stay forever. But what about those things that don’t ? We tend to think more about our loss. And forget to appreciate what we have.

Remember your favourite toy which u never wanted to lose. But as u grew old you stopped playing with it. Time changes and so do the priorities. Think of all those things that were of utmost importance for you once. Do you really need them now ? I am sure most of us will have no as an answer. We all change our priorities with time.

I am not saying that we forget all important things in life. But yes we should have fix priorities in life.

The same applies to people in our life. You want some people to stay in your life forever. Family,best friends,love – you want them to be with you throughout life. Not each one of us has the same best friend all our life. The ones who do are lucky. Keep hold of the people who really matter to you,for whom you matter the most.

In our lifetime,we meet so many people. Some unexpected bonds are formed. But there also few bonds which we want but still they break. No need to cling to the past. They would have stayed if it was possible or worthwhile…

Learn to let go off the them. Only when the old things end,will it make space for new and better ones.

I just wanna say good bye to all such things and people. Each of them has affected my life in some way or the other. But now is the time to move on…Time to face what future holds for me…And I hope that even for a second,but I did make people think about what actually matters…

Post Author: Dishki

0 thoughts on “Farewell to Thee…

    Divya Mehrotra

    (10th October 2011 - 07:06)

    anta scene ledu….:)
    kaun gaya..kaun aaya sab moh maya hai 😀


    (10th October 2011 - 16:54)

    @divya di…
    sab moh maya…isliye nirantar moksh prapti ki koshish mein lage hai 😀

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