Fascinating Gujarat – Culture Diary!

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“Jya Jya Vase Ek Gujarati, Tya Tya Sadakal Gujarat”

The flourishing state with vibrant personality is Gujarat. The modern attitude and the simple living of the people attracts one to Gujarat. Gujarat is home to Mahatma Gandhi, who spread the message of non-violence across the world.


Gujarati diet is dominantly vegetarian and the state is a dry state. The Gujarati Thali is a blend of sweet and savory cuisines. And, you alao have a variety of snacks to savor – Dhokla, Patra or Khamman. Dhokla is my personal favorite delicacy. 🙂


Who amongst us would not be familiar with the grandeur Navratri celebrations of Gujarat. The nine-day celebration each ending with Dandiya Raas at night. Makarsankranti is also a major festival, marked by kite-flying throughout the day.


We have all at some point danced on the tunes of Garba and Dandiya. The high rhythm music keeps you on grooves and the beats resonate happiness. I remember the numerous nights I have spent at Dandiya celebration during Navratri.

Special Mention

The Rann of Kutch festival which happens every year in February-March is a lifetime experience. Patola Silk or the Jari work clad sarees – they all add beauty to the Indian traditional attire. The Bandani work is also famous and I myself love it the most! 🙂

Have you ever visited Gujarat or lived there? What are the best part of the state that you like?

This is the sixth part of the Indian Culture Diary as part of #AtoZChallenge.

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4 thoughts on “Fascinating Gujarat – Culture Diary!

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    (9th April 2019 - 22:13)

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    (8th April 2019 - 18:12)

    Wishing to visit the Rann of Kutch Festival

    Harjeet Kaur

    (8th April 2019 - 12:11)

    Thanks for this post Disha. Brought back memories.I would love to visit Gujarat again.I went in my childhood on a school trip. Except for the sweet food, I love everything else. Ghatiya is a favourite I still eat.

    Deborah Weber

    (8th April 2019 - 03:09)

    Happy to stop by and learn a bit about what indeed seems like a fascinating culture.

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