Give me five! #BarAThon

‘Mumma, my pocket-money? The school bus would be here soon.’ asked her son.

‘Give me five minutes I am in the kitchen’, she replied.

‘Nishant, close the laptop now. Enough gaming for the day’, she told her son.

‘Maa, give me five more minutes to complete this level’, her son replied with puppy eyes.

‘Ashmit when will you reach home? We were supposed to meet our parents half an hour ago!’, she enquired from her husband on the call.

‘Darling, give me 5 more minutes. I am almost there.’, he replied.

‘Ahana, how much time will you take to get ready? We are getting late for the party’, he asked his fiance.

‘Just give me five more minutes and I will be ready’, she replied as she changed her dress for the third time.

We are all guilty of the extra 5 minutes spent as per our need. Which of these incidents holds true for your life?

This post is my Day 5 post for #Barathon 2018 and prompt was ‘Give me five’. You can read my last post here.

Post Author: Dishki

3 thoughts on “Give me five! #BarAThon

    Akshata Ram

    (13th July 2018 - 10:36)

    Lol I guess most of us are guilty of it. Often it extends beyond 5 minutes


      (13th July 2018 - 16:57)

      Truth has been spoken! 5 minutes turns to 15. 😀

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