Intriguing Himachal Pradesh Culture Diary!

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Rich culture, friendly people and the snow-clad mountains are a welcome sign for the state of Himachal Pradesh. As a child, I had visited Himachal Pradesh with school tour after tenth grade. Passing by the spiral mountain ranges, looking out of the window, I was mesmerized. And, till date I am in awe of the culture of this state and love the warm fuzzy feeling you get from the people here. Let us explore this state in today’s post.

Source: Himachal Online

Traditions of the state

All elders are treated with respect and the people of same village are considered as one big family. Pahari, a dialect of Sanskrit, is the most commonly spoken language. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are worshiped by people and there are many temples dedicated to them. Some corners of the state still practice the Purdah system, wherein a woman puts a veil in front of elders by covering her face.

Food of Himachal Pradesh

People prefer a non-vegetarian diet including red meat and white bread. Punjabi style of cooking can be found very easily. Madra, soaked chickpeas cooked in oil and traditional spices a delicacy not to be missed. Also, you should try the authentic plate full of delicacies, known as Dhaam. It includes Dal, Rajma, Curd, Rice, Bur ki baddi and a piece of jaggery (gud).

Dhaam (Image Source : Holidify)

Dress of Himachal Pradesh

The Brahmin male wear dhoti-kurta, coat, waistcoat, turban and a hand towel. The Rajput male who are believed to be from royal lineage wear tight-fitting churidar pyjamas, a long coat and a starched turban. The females usually wear Ghaghra- choli (long-skirt with embroidered tops) or Salwar-Kurta. The traditional attire is incomplete without the red-head scarves called as Rahide. For the newer generation, the dress is a mix of modern and traditional touch.

Special Mention

Kullu Dusshera is a must attend festival of the state. As a souvenir, Kullu caps should be in your things to buy.

Kullu Dusshera Rath Yatra ( Source: NDTV Khabar)

Have you ever visited Himachal Pradesh? What did you enjoy the most or what do you think should I add more to the list of special mentions? Do share your thoughts with us in comments.

This post is written as part of Indian Culture Diary for #AtoZChallenge. You can visit the last post here.

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