Journey called life !

‘Let the soldier move forward & face the enemy, they shall be victorious’, ordered the general.

‘The enemy is more powerful and outnumbers us by plenty… But we will not bow down’, cried the soldier raising the war slogan.

As the days ensued, the enemy weakened and was thus defeated.

‘Bravo soldier, your efforts have finally given us the desired victory. Do not become over-confident, for this is only one of the battles of your life’, advised the general to the soldier.

This is exactly how my life has unfolded till now. My generals – family, friends & mentors have supported me in overcoming the roadblocks of life. For without them I would have been a soldier without aim and have journey without a destination. There are ups & downs that keep coming but with them comes the wisdom too. I would say my life has been great till now. Because, happy are the souls who live their lives with the motto – ‘Life, my way’ !

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    (22nd April 2018 - 20:31)

    Life is an entity and there is so much to see every day. I appreciate this little story you weaved. Nice!


      (23rd April 2018 - 00:14)

      Thanks for dropping by!

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