Land of Pokemon Currency – Niue !


Niue island is one of the world’s smallest independent nation, located in South Pacific Ocean. It lies in the middle of triangle formed by Samoa, Tonga and the Cook Islands.
Also known as ‘Rock of Polynesia’ or simply ‘the Rock’. Its one of the largest coral islands in the world.


You can reach there only from Auckland, via an Air New Zealand flight. Currency is NZ dollar. English & Niue are official languages. Alofi, is the capital city & the population stands at approx. 1200.


Visit Niue to dive into crystal clear water & go snorkeling. You can enjoy swimming with spinner dolphins (April to December) and humpback whales (June to October). Discover the world of coral reefs. It’s not crowded and you get to be away from the city traffic for a change. Explore the limestone caves.


It has strong cultural society. Sunday is used for going to church & boating, fishing are prohibited by law. Some of the traditions followed are –

  • Hair-cutting and Ear Piercing Ceremony – Boys get their long tail of hair cut for the first time after birth & girls get their ear pierced for the first time since birth.
  • Annual Village Show Day – It’s an annual event where the host village hosts different stalls for food & entertainment.
  • Takai – Everyone will decorate their vehicles or transport fancy items & roam around beeping the horns/ sirens. Residents left behind in villages to watch Takai are given special lollies.



n1.pngn2.jpgNiue is also said to be the first nation to offer free WiFi services across the country. The most interesting thing about this country is that if offered legitimate Pokemon Currency in year 2001. Five such coins were issued with value of $1 each. Each coin featured one of the five Pokemon characters – Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander,Squirtle or Meowth. Niue also released coins with Doctor Who & Starwars character. I would love to get some of these coins & never have to spend them !

Next holiday season I will surely think about Niue. Do you find it interesting enough to visit ? Also, share your favorite holiday destinations.


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PS. Written for Indispire Edition 116: #DiscoverACountry

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