Late night study!

Year 2006, Month March, Day 10, Time 00:30 Hours

‘Natasha, why are you still awake?’

‘Maa, I need to study for Physics exam on Monday.’ she replied as she was startled by the voice of her mother. She was sitting inside the room with her back facing the door.

‘But, it’s already so late, study in the morning. Close the book and sleep.’, her mother said with a concerned look.

‘Oh Maa, you don’t worry. I will sleep in sometime’, Natasha insisted.

Her 12th standard board exams had commenced and she was investing all her time and energy in studying. It’s not that she was unprepared, but still studying till late night was norm for her.

Everyone would fall asleep and the silent house would be the perfect time when she could concentrate best on the books. Her mother always worried about late sleeping habits and called her a night owl.

Most nights, Natasha would play soft music or plug-in her headphones to blank out the sounds of night, that might break her concentration otherwise.

In reality, the concept of physics were not her favorite thing to read about, but desperate times call for desperate measures. And, so she was studying from the book which all Indian students consider God’s word – ‘Concepts of Physics’ by H C Verma. 🙂

And, just then the lights of her room went off. The suddenness of events could only mean one thing & she was scared to face it. After so many successful late nights, she would now have to face the reality. Her efforts to hide her secret was now out in open and she could not continue the facade anymore. Even without turning around she knew how was standing behind her.

‘Natasha, go off to sleep. Stop hiding Harry Potter novels inside the Physics book.’, her dad said in a calm voice.

Natasha needed no more signals, as she hurriedly took out the novel hidden inside her course book. She knew that her father had found out her secret. After all, who smiles and chuckles while studying Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

‘Papa, I took a short break…’, Natasha tried making amends.

‘Good Night’, her father replied and walked away.


Have you ever tried fooling around by hiding comics in your course books? Or have you secretly watched movies when you should be researching for your project? As a student, I have been guilty of doing this numerous times and being caught red-handed for making such mischief. To be honest, this incident is true. 🙂

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Post Author: Dishki

16 thoughts on “Late night study!


    (24th June 2018 - 01:16)

    Oh we are all guilty of that. right? Thanks for taking part in #Slimturns3 Disha 🙂


      (24th June 2018 - 11:45)

      We all are guilty of it! 🙂


    (25th June 2018 - 15:54)

    Hahahaha … I have been there many times.. My father has caught me red handed many times. . This story took me to my study times too. .


      (26th June 2018 - 00:34)

      Glad that you could relate to it. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂


    (30th June 2018 - 18:36)

    hehehe me too in the list Disha 🙂


      (1st July 2018 - 00:33)

      Haha, glad to know it. Thanks for dropping by.

    Vidhi duggal

    (30th June 2018 - 21:38)

    Hahaha…I could very well relate to it. Loved reading it.


      (1st July 2018 - 00:32)

      Thanks for dropping by.


    (30th June 2018 - 23:03)

    Haha gud one . H. C. Verma ki jai ho


      (1st July 2018 - 00:32)

      Lol, thank you! 🙂


    (4th July 2018 - 22:25)

    Hey this is a cute take on the prompt. Very precise and to the point. Thank you Disha for linking up with us.


      (5th July 2018 - 22:51)

      Thanks Geethica, I had fun being part of the blog birthday celebrations. 🙂

    Maya Bhat

    (1st September 2018 - 23:52)

    I must have done this a hundred times !!! And I am happy I such things 😀


      (2nd September 2018 - 18:52)

      Thanks for dropping by! 🙂


    (1st September 2018 - 23:56)

    I remember hiding under my blanket and reading Harry Potter with the torchlight. Good ol’ days !! Nice story:) You made me reminisce.


      (2nd September 2018 - 18:52)

      True, those were the good days. I have read Harry Potter umpteen times like this. 😉

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