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I am a child who loves to go to school and play with her friends. I am the one who waits for her daddy to come home and pamper me. I am a happy child trying to enjoy my childhood.

I am a young girl trying to complete my education. I am trying to learn as much as I can. I had to fight at home to take admission in university.

I am a women trying to be independent. I am doing my best to get the recognition that I deserve. I am investing same hours at work as any other person would.

I am a mother living for her child. I live to hold them, love them, cuddle them. I spend my days and nights worrying about my child. Watching them grow brings me all the joy I need.

I am a grandmother who loves to spoil her grandkids. I knit sweaters for thwm and feed them all delicacies I can. I wait for their phone calls and summer vacations.

I am not creating a havoc in your life. I am living a simple life to fulfill my needs and desires. Then why, every second of the day, one amongst many like me is tortured, raped and killed! Did I do you any harm? Is it my fault that I exist? I am even killed before I take birth. Why do I suffer? What is my fault?


This is a break from my original posts, but I could not stop myself from penning down my thoughts. Enough is enough. I have to raise a voice now and hope you will too.


Keep it simple! #AtoZChallenge


Love comes in all forms! #AtoZChallenge


  1. syncwithdeepeepa

    it started with a smile and made me heavy at the end.. touching post dikshi

  2. The recent horrific incidents in Kathua and Unnao boil my blood as well, I cant get that child’s image out of my mind.

    • An innocent life lost for the sake of lust. We cannot imagine what her family must be going through. 🙁

  3. Indeed we live in a very sorry state of a world. After repeated incidents of rape too we have not done anything. People are mute . Indeed we should raise our voice.

  4. CRD

    Very relevant post in the current context Disha. It is really shameful that the criminals are being allowed to stay safe. I read somewhere that it is sad that someone who eats beef near a temple is mauled to death while scum who rape a child in a temple are allowed to roam freely. Shameful!

    • Indeed it is shameful. Who does that to a child. Depriving her of her life. Wish for criminals to be punished soon.

  5. True.. completely agree

  6. It is the reality of shameless people who does not deserve to count in humans because they are animals. Your powerful words have give them a big slap. Hopefully, soon some strict actions will taken against such obscene incidence.

  7. You have perfectly penned the pain of the women..girl..and every child who faces RAPE

    • Thanks Ruchie, I can only pen down my thoughts. I hope that no child ever has to face such terrible pain ever.

  8. Hope is the only word I get at the end of the post. Good post Diksha.

    MeenalSonal from AuraOfThoughts

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