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The quiet life which is opening its arms to modernity is the state of Odisha. Odisha has a strong hold on the spiritual being of the person. Let us explore the stare of Odisha in today’s post.

Odia Cuisine

The dessert, Rasagolla is savored by people of Odisha and Bengal equally. Rice forms a staple diet for the people here. Pakhala, a dish made of rice, water, and yoghurt, that is fermented overnight, is a delicacy enjoyed in summers. Being near to sea, sea food also forms an important part of the food habits.

Dress of Odisha

Men wear dhoti-kurta with Gamcha on their shoulders. And, women wear saris mostly. The Sambalpuri Ikat saris are the most sought after as souvenirs by tourists.

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Festivals of Odisha

Jagannath Rath Yatra, the annual chariot festival held in Puri is a sight to hold. Deities of Jagannath, Balabadhra and Subhadra are taken on a grand chariot from the Puri temple to the Gundicha temple who stay there for a period of nine days. Prathamashtami is celebrated to pray for long life of the first-born in the family.

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Special Mention

Odissi Dance, traditionally depicts the divine love between Lord Krishna and his consort Radha. It was originally performed by Devdasis. Konark Temple is an architectural marvel to witness.

I have had team members from Odisha and they are the soft-spoken lot I have ever met. Witnessing the Rath Yatra in person is one of the experiences I want to have. Have you visited Odisha? What did you like the most about the state?

This post is written as part of Indian Culture Diary for #AtoZChallenge. We have covered many states and there is still much to explore. Keep visiting the blog to read more. 🙂

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