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Naturalistic Bentota, Srilanka #AtoZChallenge

The next place on my Sri Lanka itinerary was Bentota. You can read my previous blog post of Sri Lankan journey here. Bentota is all about sun & sand.  We had stayed at Cinnamon Bey Resort. The hotel is located at beach front, so we had access to beach 24*7.


Our hotel was surrounded by coconut trees and vast lawns. It all presented a beautiful picture for the eye. Most of our days were spent sunbathing on the beach or in the pool. The beach remains sparsely populated and has few eateries to enjoy local delicacies.


The rooms had private balcony facing the seaside & it gave us breathtaking views of the sunset & sunrise.  Who doesn’t love such a view? There is also a Turtle farm nearby set up by the Turtle Conservation Project (TCP) in association with the Wildlife Department of Sri Lanka.


For our last day in Srilanka, we travelled from Bentota to Colombo. The day was spent in local sightseeing and shopping.

Places to visit in Colombo-

  • Independence Square
  • Odel Shopping Centre
  • Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihar

I had an amazing trip and there is so much left to explore. What other places have you visited in Srilanka and what did you like most about it? Do share your travel tales! 🙂

Mother, sweet mother of mine… #AtoZChallenge

“Mother of mine you gave to me, all of my life to do as I please,
I owe everything I have to you,
Mother sweet mother of mine.”                 – Neil Reid


Mothers are compassionate creatures whom God made as he could not be everywhere. They are made up of hugs, cuddle, kisses and lots of love. You may roam around the world but still crave for food prepared by your mom. And, I am not the only one who feels so!

Our moms have secret systems by which they understand just on hearing our voices. How do you do it Maa?  You have the patience levels which I find impossible to obtain. Taking care of things big or small, is never a child’s play for you.

We may grow old and have kids of our own. Still our mothers never seize to amaze us. I might never say the exact words that I love you Mom, but you know we do! Only a mother’s heart can comprehend it.

Thank you for all you did & continue to do! Love you Maa 😉

Love notes from a lost diary… #AtoZChallenge

Dear Diary,

I think I have found love. Cupid has struck me for the first time & I am ecstatic. My heart flutters at your mere sight. I am at loss of words whenever I am around you.  Remember the first day I saw you in class and had stumbled. Your charm had impressed me then and there.

I am hypnotized whenever you pass by me smiling! The way you take my side & care for me…Depth of your eyes & the intoxicating voice…There are butterflies in my stomach and I am too shy to acknowledge it. I am waiting for Valentine’s Day when I would propose you or even you can do that 😉

Yesterday in the music room when we were singing duet my heart was racing. How could you not hear my heartbeats? Maybe you are just trying to be subtle about it. Today everyone in the class was teasing us. Is it just me? Don’t you feel the same? I hope you do.

We already have great chemistry and things would only get rolling. I am hoping after the school ends in two years we would go to the same college. And can stay together there too 🙂

Good Night Diary! Time for dreams…

I am sure you would have also felt same on your first crush. When as a kid you get this happy feeling and the world resolves around just one person.  How did you meet your first crush? Was it a friend or an actor? Do share your stories would love to hear them!

Kashmir – the paradise on Earth(Photo Blog) #AtoZChallenge

‘Agar Firdaus bar rōy-e zamin ast, hamin ast-o hamin ast-o hamin ast.’                                                                                                                        –  Amir Khusrau

‘If there is a paradise on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here.’                                                                                                                                      –  Amir Khusrau

I had visited Kashmir in summers and it truly is Heavan on Earth. Stay tuned for upcoming posts about how I fell in love with Kashmir.

Have you visited Kashmir ? Do share your experiences..eagerly waiting to hear about it. 🙂

Joyful day at Nuwara Eliya, Srilanka #AtoZChallenge

This post is in continuation of my earlier posts about Sri Lanka trip. You can read last post of the day spent in Kandy here.  Second day of the trip was spent in exploring Nuwara Eliya and nearby Ramboda town.

View from the hotel room

Ramboda Falls

We had stopped at Ramboda Falls Hotel for our breakfast and the hotel overlooks the beautiful Ramboda Falls.

Tea Plantations in Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya is famous for its tea plantations and English countryside architecture. We had visited one of the Dilmah Tea Estates for the factory’s tour. They took us through the whole process of drying the leaves, separating them and finally processing it. We could not take any pictures of the whole process.

Next stop for the day was Sita Temple.

Sita Temple in Nuwara Eliya

It is believed that this place was part of Ashok Vatika, where Ravana had kept Goddess Sita after abduction. Lord Hanuman had met her here and folk tale suggests that there are footprints of Lord Hanuman on the nearby rocks. The temple is small and was not very crowded.

Sita Temple

Sita Temple

Lord Hanuman footprints

Lord Hanuman footprints

We also went to Gregory Lake, it has options for boating & pony riding. I found the prices were on a bit higher side for foreign visitors.

Evening at Lake

Evening at Lake

The evening was spent strolling in the city. The city has British influence and hence also named ‘Little England’.  It takes you back in time and one can imagine Britishers enjoying the cool summer breeze in the city and riding their horses. Makes a good picture!

Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya

The thing that I liked most about Sri Lanka was the cleanliness and traffic sense. Cities are well maintained and people abide by traffic rules. Something which I would like to see more in India! 🙂

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