Story of Mountains, Monasteries & Maggi – Sikkim

It all started with the random plan with my bestie. With her being in Kolkatta and me in Mumbai, we seldom get to meet. But who can stop the wandering souls from all the planning. So one fine day, we decided to explore the magical land of Sikkim & got our tickets booked and just flew away.

My journey to Sikkim itself was eventful. I had almost missed the plane by reporting on wrong terminal & realizing it 10 minutes before takeoff. Running along the airport with shoes in my hand & people staring at the me.

The itinerary included travelling across North Sikkim & covering –

  1. Places in & around Gangtok.
  2. Lachen & Lachung
  3. Namchi

Day 1 –

Had reached Bagdogra by 12:30 pm. Took a cab from airport &reached Gangtok by evening. It takes approx. 4.5 hours to reach Gangtok, depending on the road conditions.   Checked into the hotel & just had a good night sleep. That included gossip sessions till early morning !

Day 2 –

We had a lazy morning breakfast & then headed off to roam Gangtok. We had booked a cab for the day tour. Got to visit the beautiful monsasteries – Rumtek Monastery, Ranka Monastery, Do-drul Chorten Monastery. Each surpassing the other in architecture marvels….

Also, then were mesmerized by visit to Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden. The

Ranka Monastery
                                     Ranka Monastery

An evening in Gangtok in incomplete without walk on MG Road. We enjoyed our leisure walk in rain on MG Road. And headed to “Golden Dragon” for dinner. This place has Karaoke Sessions every night & all the guests join in the singing.

Day 3 –

Time for us to head further into the beauty of Sikkim. One can easily book shared tours to Lachen & Lachung from Gangtok. We need to get permits arranged for visiting various places in North Sikkim. The hotel owners easily get that done.

Get Set Go !
                                   Get Set Go !

It takes approx. 6 hours to reach Lachen covering the distance of 123 km. The first sight of the snow-clad mighty Himalayas is breath taking. Lunch is generally served on the small hotels along the way. It’s almost evening and we stay in with the locals at their home for the night. The people are generous and open up their hearts to all travelers alike.

Day 4 –

Our day started early at 5:00 hrs in the morning.  We moved towards Gurudongmar Lake via Chopta Valley. Never before had sight left me as mesmerized as this.

                                  Gurudongmar Lake

Gurudongmar Lake is located at height of 17100 ft. Legend says that there was no drinking water available in the area & Guru Padmasambhava had walked over a part of lake. This part never freezes, so that local people can have access to drinking water throughout the year.

Same evening we started our journey further to Lachung and rented out rooms in small yet cozy Bed & Breakfast Inn.

Day 5 –

We explored Yumthang Valley, the valley of flowers. But did not get to see much of it, as the flowers had just begun blooming in April. Continuing our drive to Yumesamdong, also known as Zero Point. It stands tall as a natural border between India & China.

And, I was lucky enough that Maggi was not banned till then. Maggi + Mountains = Awesome….

Meri Pahado vali Maggi :)
                              Meri Pahado vali Maggi 🙂

We had the evening free to ourselves & indulgent in nonstop talking & laughter sessions.

Day 6 –

Departure to Gangtok from Lachung, en route sightseeing at Tashi View point, Chumthang Valley. Spent the evening on MG Road, Gangtok. Had authentic dinner at Hotel Tibet.

Day 7 –

Time to head back to Bagdogra, via Namchi Valley. Visited Samdruptse Hill, famous as the 135 feet tall statue of Padmasambhava is located on top of it. Also, visited newly built Sai Temple.


Then we went to Solophok Chardham, famous for the 108 feet height Lord Shiva & also replicas of the twelve Jyotirlingas. Also, there are replicas of other four Dhams, sacred to Hindus.

Checked into a hotel in Bagdogra for the night.

Day 8 –

Last day of the vacation. Did some shopping for souvenirs in the local market. Time to head back to our respective places with bag full of new memories.

We did regret not being able to visit Nathula Pass due to weather turbulence there. That will be taken care of in many more trips to come….

Thank you is just not good enough…

Sitting comfortably in my favorite corner of the home,
I think about all that you have done.

Thankful for all the lessons you gave me,
Be it Maths, Civics or basics of Life.

I might not remember all the failures I had,
But all the times you encouraged me I won’t ever forget.

There were moments when I had led astray,
Oh yes! I was the rebel all along.

Yet you were there to silently support me,
You held my hand & walked with me to the correct way.

Early morning lessons so I can learn cycling & driving,
Late night sessions just to hear my office stories.

Thank you for the all the praises & also the scoldings,
You have let us find our way accross the life’s maze.

As much as I say, but thank you is just not enough Papa,
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Paa !

U, Me & “Scooty” :)

My fav. blogs from the old times !

We all have that one friend who stays with us through thick and thin. We can go on for days without talking & things still stay the same. This one is for a one such crazy friend of mine !

In your lifetime u gain loads of memories. Memories that u cherish forever. Some ppl become an integral part of your memories. And then on leaving them u have the boxful of memories to remember. Well, I will be leaving my hometown in few days n so at times I do get nostalgic. U live in a city whole your life, suddenly on leaving u remember all the good old days….Hmm…I will miss it all so much…But I m all too eager to begin the new phase of my life.

This blog is dedicated to my best friend n lil sweet sis “Saumya” just to tell u how much u mean to me…Dear I will miss u the most……Dis pic always reminds me of us together 🙂

Being cousins and best friends has given us loads of advantages. From attending school fest to family functions,we have enjoyed it all…Being in the same school was a boon n a bane together…My earliest memory goes back to primary classes when we use to take each other’s copy during exams for preparation n to see what extra has been taught in ur class. But understanding what u write has given me lots of headache always….kamsekam ab to thoda fir acha likhti ho 😀

U r my “8.5th friend”. Kya logic lagaya tha tumne….kabhi puri frnd, kabhi aadhi frnd…bt ab tak to i hope its puri frnd !!! I will miss your humor and the bakwaas we do together…Most of the happy memories we have are of us together on scooty. We go out together n we r bound to be lost. Trying new paths is the best thing we do 🙂

Our first trip on the scooty was such a blunder. Driving on a one-way flyover n thinking tat y is everyone staring at us….logo ke expressions i will never forget…Dono ko raasta nahi pata tha but fir bhi ghumne nikal pade…Remember the time when it was raining and we were returning from ur institute….It was an stormy evening, we were drenched in rains…bt still were trying to find the correct way home…

Going together to school, getting late everyday for assembly n the gossip sessions during the prayers !!!
The lunch time n the choir practices during Quanta were so much fun…n how can i forget being “escorts”….We were for kitchen duty n kitne pastries n sandwiches u stole 😀
but fir uske khaane mein jaada masti aati thi na….
Another time when we were lost was when we were going to buy my books last year….n yaar koi raasta nahi yaad rakh sakte na hum logo…n pure time log khud hi hume raasta bata rahe the…The latest fun on scooty we had was travelling parallel to the railway line…Well, itna to pakka hai ki we can never go with the normal traffic…hamesha kuch gadbad hi hoti hai….Baatein karte rehte hai n we forget to take turns !!!
We have been friends since so long but movie kab dekhi humne saath mein ?? People find it so strange that we have not been to movie together earlier and that we dont hav much pics together…but kya farak padta hai….aise hi humara time paas hota rehta hai….
The long telephone talks and the sms chats….Sitting in the same parlour n still texting it each other…lolz…n the best was when we were returning in the same car and still talking on sms 🙂
But we have had so many best conversations  by just sitting quietly. The strong telepathy we share for thinking of silly excuses is so helpful to save ourselves frm trouble….
The trips to eat “basket chat” n to have cold coffee are innumerable..But each one of those trip is spl in its own way….n yaad hai ek baar parking pe police vaale gaadi lene uthane aa gaye the….fir bhi kya bahana maara tha….n the concert we attended together was also fun…The fun in all the weddings we attend is just awesome…all the dance n dhol is soo much masti !!!
In the last few months we have spent time together so much…Meeting everyday,going out to ganj n the trips to doctor’s clinic…wow…whole bunch of memories…each spl n close to my heart for diff reasons…I know u r getting senti thoda thoda…u r thinking tat wen wil we meet up next….bt dont wry dear…I m nt gng far-off to some alien land…Now u will also join ur job in few months time n den we will come back home in hols n meet n have all the fun again…
We will have the wonderful time on scooty again n will agn sing songs on the top of our voices while driving !!!
Love u loads dear n wish u loads of success 🙂
(P.S- Plz try nt to get too much senti my 8.5th frnd )
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