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Pregnancy brain! #AtoZChallenge

Last Chapter

‘How can I be so forgetful’, muttered Natasha to no one in particular.

Thrice in this week she had forgotten her lunch at home and had to make do from the cafeteria sandwiches. Hungry and cranky is not a good combination!

By now even her team members were teasing her about the ‘Pregnancy Brain’. Last week they had shifted their office to a different floor & on Monday Natasha was waiting for everyone at the old location. Drafting the email and forgetting to send it has become a frequent occurrence now.

‘Ah, how long will I suffer like this. I should lock myself at home and never come out’, thought Natasha.

One good thing that she can count from her Pregnancy Brain experience is brushing her teeth after every meal. Last weekend, after every meal, she involuntarily went and brushed her teeth. And, this happened four times in two days. Either she is too stressed or she is going crazy.

Even Ananth laughs at her silly mistakes now. She is tired of her carelessness but would not trade it for anything in the world. Pregnancy Brain may be a myth for many people, but for her it was a funny reminder of a new life growing.

——-To be contd.——–

I am participating in #AtoZChallenge and this is fifteenth part of the series that I will be writing this month. You can read my theme reveal here. Tune in tomorrow to read what future holds for them.

Do share your thoughts about this post. Did you like what you read & would like to read further? Looking forward to your thoughts. Happy A2Zing!

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  1. Anagha Yatin

    Hahahaa…brushing teeth 4 times!!! Tooth paste company will make Natasha their brand ambassador for sure.

  2. She needs to activate her mind though. The kid will extend this pregnancy brain even after. 😛

  3. I didnt know about such thing..its funny but sometimes painful for that person too!

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