Staircase to Nowhere! #WriteBravely

“Hello,” said the voice on the phone. “My name is Natasha, I know you never expected a call from me, as famous as I am, but I’ve been given your name as someone who can help me. Will you help me please?”

“How dare you call me? What do you want? “, the voice on other end replied.

“Do we know each other? I am stuck here. Please save me!”, Natasha said with a lump in your throat.

“No, I will never help you after all that you did to my family. Don’t call again”, said the other voice angrily and disconnected the call.

Natasha was misty-eyed, trying to wipe tears from her eyes with one hand and holding the railing with the other. She did not remember how she reached here, but she was tired of climbing all these stairs.

The staircase seemed never ending with no door in sight. Last thing she remembered was drinking at the party thrown to celebrate her success. And next, she woke up in this godforsaken place with no light and no one in sight. She was lying at the base of the stairs and it felt wet.

For what seemed like hours, she had been climbing up trying to find a way out. Just then she saw a crumpled piece of paper with some numbers and words. It was her only hope to get out.

The paper had a phone number along with a quote that said, “You need to make amends for what you did. Only when you repent, can you be saved!”

Now, even that hope was lost as the call was disconnected and her phone battery died out. At last, she noticed a door at the top and sprinted towards it. She was huffing by the time she reached the door. The door opened with a jerk and loud thud. Then, she noticed a crumpled piece of paper with some words and numbers again.

She picked it up only to realize that it was the same note she had read earlier and it was the same base from where she woke up. The door led her back to where she started! She cried frantically and started climbing again in hope to reach the end.

I am participating in the Write Tribe Festival of Words – June 2018. I have used a picture prompt and creative writing prompt – Day 5 – 28 Jun – “Hello,” said the voice on the phone. “My name is __________. I know you never expected a call from me, as famous as I am, but I’ve been given your name as someone who can help me _______.” (Write a story that follows this line.)


Post Author: Dishki

4 thoughts on “Staircase to Nowhere! #WriteBravely


    (29th June 2018 - 00:35)

    Oh my goodness, this is so freaky and scary! Is that her nightmare? I really hope so! How’s she going to escape from that never ending place? Is there a sequel to this story? You did a good job with this prompt Disha. I am intrigued!


      (29th June 2018 - 18:31)

      Thanks a lot Vinitha!
      I dont have any sequel planned yet. Left it open for interpretation. 🙂

    Anagha Yatin

    (29th June 2018 - 07:11)

    Oh thats so intriguing…left me wanting to know more! What will happen next?
    Are you writing its next part too Disha?


      (29th June 2018 - 18:35)

      Thanks Anagha, next part is not in plan as of now. Maybe if I get good response for this one. 🙂

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