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At the beginning! #AtoZChallenge

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7th February, 2015

Tring Ding Tring Ding…

‘What is this sound? What is happening?’ ‘Ananth, turn off this irritating sound!’

Tring….Ding…Tring… Ding…

‘Oh! This alarm is a nightmare. What time is it?’, Natasha murmured with a sleepy voice.

‘It’s already 8:30. I am late for office!’

‘Ananth, why don’t you ever wake me up. You know I have an important meeting today’, shouted Natasha while getting up from the bed.

Each morning begins with the same story for Natasha. Not that she does it deliberately. She is a night owl. Late nights are the only time she gets to spend her Me-time. And, this late night sleeping has been continuing since ages!

‘I hate early morning meetings, why can’t they schedule it for evening. I am feeling so tired already and the day has just begun.’

Same Day 12:30 Pm, COnference Room

‘…Okay, so now that the client has finalized the proposal we should move ahead with the budgeting for the project…’

What did I eat yesterday? Why am I feeling so bloated today. My stomach hurts. And these cramps are killing me! Natasha’s chain of thoughts was broken when her boss asked her to present the budgeting slides.  She did return to the present world, but her mind was replaying same thoughts over and over.

Same Evening, at home

The messy hair & lost look in her eyes were enough for him to recognize that his wife was had a terrible day at office.

‘Ananth, I might be coming down with flu or something. I don’t feel so well today. My migraine has returned and I am feeling nauseous’, spoke Natasha.

‘You might have eaten a rotten food probably. Wait, what date is it today? Are you sure you are not craving for chocolates yet?’, replied Ananth.

He could see color drain from her face. ‘What happened Natasha?’, asked a worried Ananth. The time seemed to stop as there was a solemn look on her face.

With raised eyebrows Natasha finally broke the silence, ‘Ananth, I think I know what is happening. You need to go the chemist right now…’

‘But what happened. Is everything all right?’, Ananth stopped her mid-sentence.

‘You just do as I am telling you, we will talk more in the morning’ replied Natasha.

—————-To be continued—————

I am participating in #AtoZChallenge and this is the first part of 26 chapter series that I will be writing this month. You can read my theme reveal here. Do share your thoughts about this post. Did you like what you read & would like to read further? Looking forward to your thoughts. Happy A2Zing!


Story of Terminal 1! #WriteBravely

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“All international departures are from Terminal 1”, reminded my roommate for the hundredth time.

“I know, I will reach on time. Don’t worry”, I replied.

“Suhani, you need to stop being a mother hen for all your friends. Go out, shop & party! Make a profile on Tinder at least now”. These were my parting words to my roommate & best friend. Even as I joked she could sense my unsaid emotions. Afterall, she had stayed with me through thick & thin.

The journey to airport was uneventful. After completing all boarding formalities, I sat at the coffee shop with a book in my hand. There were so many thoughts racing through my mind. I am returning home after six years and forever this time.

Looks like yesterday when I had first landed on this terminal. You had bumped into me at the immigration counter, throwing my belongings all across the airport floor. You had just smiled. Again, at the taxi bay you had hopped into the cab that I was supposed to take. “Sorry, an emergency need to take the cab asap.”, your first words to me. I should have known you were trouble!

First day at college & I caught your glimpse around the campus. My suspicion was confirmed when you became my student counsellor. Funny, how our fates were entwined. After the awkward first few days, we were quite comfortable with each other. Asking for your help around college to finding hotels when I was missing Indian food! You were my go-to person for all queries.

We had chatted all through my semester break spent at home. I remember the surprise proposal you had planned outside these terminal gates when I had returned from my vacation. “I love you munchkin”, you were always a man of few words. Of Course, I had fallen for you too.

I remember all the flights we have taken together from this terminal. All the vacations or the trips back home have been with you. Remember the time when we had a huge fight and I had flown to my aunt’s home for the holiday season.  

Before long, our parents were asking about our marriage plans. I was so nervous for the journey home to talk to my parents about us & you had been my rock. It was here when you had met my family for the first time. My dad was watching your every move & you had bravely faced him. This terminal has witnessed my laughter & my tears both.

Finally, months of negotiations with our families & they had accepted our relationship. We had travelled like cupid-struck-teenagers for our engagement. People at airport were staring at us, but we simply did not care.

I hated it when you got a job back home and had to leave this country before me. We were going to leave together. I don’t like travelling alone! My thoughts were broken by the flight announcement.

“This is the final call for all passengers travelling on flight A14”. Today, I am taking the final flight from this terminal to be home to get married to the love of my life. I am looking forward to our new journey together, our new jobs and plans to settle in our own country.

As I look back one last time, I know this terminal will always have a special place in my heart. 🙂

I am taking part in the Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge to #WriteBravely. This post is a figment of imagination and has no real life connections:)


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