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Traveling made easy with MakeMyTrip Flight Coupons &


There have been numerous blogs about traveling and exploring the world and when we read them we feel that “yeah, that must be easy.” but the harsh reality is that traveling is not easy. The numbers of travelers have increased ever since movies such as ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ and ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ released, those films were just the best, but they showed you only the perks of traveling and not the real struggle behind it. People who are influenced by those films and their protagonists, they are soon going to blemish the whole structure of their dream of traveling.

I have been a traveler and I run my own travel blog, I portray only the beauty of the places I visit and compel other people to just visit that place even if it is for a single day. Well, the beauty of traveling is a beauty you have not yet known. You meet people who speak a different language, you see places that you have only seen in sceneries, you eat food that tastes magical, and you let your soul out for eternity. That is the beauty of traveling. See, with this I might have compelled you to choose for traveling as your career opportunity! I am not saying that it is not a good choice, it surely is, but this journey is a struggle in itself.

To all the places, I have traveled so far, I gave up within the first ten places I visited. I went there unprepared seeking the so-called “adventure.” But that is a mistake of an amateur, you are allowed to do that, however, I would strongly recommend that you do not. Anyway, after through those lessons and traveling unprepared, I understood that I needed some support and there is nothing wrong with asking for help, we are always dependent on something or the other.

MakeMyTrip Coupons

I sought help from MakeMyTrip and they helped me a lot, they helped me travel to places that just made me speechless. I admire them since the time I traveled abroad. MakeMyTrip did all the bookings and with their MakeMyTrip flight coupons, I was able to save thousands of bucks on the booking of international tickets. Along with this, I made a booking for hotels too. That experience with MakeMyTrip was beyond perfect. There was barely anything that went wrong. Although, my food was a bit too boiled and bland but the world there made up for all of it.

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I saved enough money and when I later planned for another trip, I came across yet another marvelous website and that was – India’s No.1 cash back destination. The MakeMyTrip store on had exclusive MakeMyTrip flight coupons and allowed me to use them for free and on top of that even gave me a cash back on them.

So people, trust me, you do not want to travel the world just to seek adventure. Travel the world to make memories my friend, they will live on longer than anything. And with MakeMyTrip and you are going to save enough to plan more trips down the line.

Review of AktivHealth,Noida Center

AktivHealth is an advanced physiotherapy & rehabilitation center  that introduced to India the active part of rehabilitative procedures for orthopedic and neurological treatment. The Active treatment requires active patient participation whilst at the same time addresses individual patient needs and limitations. This active approach is combined with other effective passive forms of treatments provided by them – professional physiotherapy, massage, electrotherapy and other useful therapeutic modalities. They have opened up a new center in Noida this March.

With long hours of the day spent sitting in front of computer, I am prone to backache. Therefore, when I got the opportunity to visit the AktivHealth center for a therapy session, I jumped at it. At the center, I was greeted by Mr. Nandlal, the center head, who explained to me the whole process of active approach of the treatment and the facilities at the center. They have incorporated German technology for the therapies to help their patients.

Facilities at the AktivHealth, Noida center
  • Centrally located in Sector 62, Noida
  • Courteous and trained staff members
  • The entire center is organised and hygienic
  • A well equipped training room with modern amenities for functional movement conditioning, Medical Training Therapy (MTT), etc.
  • Nine treatment rooms for one-to-one therapy sessions
  • Regular consultations with on-staff orthopedic expertise and sports injury specialists
  • Dedicated staff for Paediatric Physical Therapy
  • Dedicated lab for Oncology(cancer) Rehabilitation

I took an hour-long  therapy session for my backache & it was very beneficial. They helped in identifying the root cause & provided me tips to maintain correct posture to support the spinal cord. Complete transparency and communication of the actual diagnosis and cure was maintained. I could feel improvement in pain from the first session itself. Overall, my personal experience was great & I would suggest you to visit the center for your treatment. For more details about AktivHealth, you can visit there website here.

Shopping at Super99-Product Review!

Super99 stores are a chain of retail shopping brand located at 40 locations across India. It has of a wide range of products from Kitchen & Dining, Health & Beauty, Toys & Games, Food & Beverage, Stationery, Home Accessories, Gifts & Decor, Bathroom, Ready to Wear and many more.

I am a very cautious shopper and only like to buy products after seeing them. They offer the comfort of checking out the product list online and buying it after physically seeing it at the store. You can browse through items at the online store for Super99 here & print/email the cart list for your convenience.

I had recently brought the ‘Khadi Natural Handmade Soap Collection‘ from the store.

Pros of shopping at Super99 stores –
  • Original Khadi Natural products available in store.
  • It is a collection of 12 natural soaps which comes in a compact packaging.
  • These natural soaps are soft on skin.
  • You can also get year around discounts by shopping for it at these stores.

I also found the staff at store poilte and helpful. Overall, I would suggest you to try out shopping at Super99 stores at affordable pricing for all your needs.

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