Life, my way

Keeping it simple !

Thank you is just not good enough…

Sitting comfortably in my favorite corner of the home,
I think about all that you have done.

Thankful for all the lessons you gave me,
Be it Maths, Civics or basics of Life.

I might not remember all the failures I had,
But all the times you encouraged me I won’t ever forget.

There were moments when I had led astray,
Oh yes! I was the rebel all along.

Yet you were there to silently support me,
You held my hand & walked with me to the correct way.

Early morning lessons so I can learn cycling & driving,
Late night sessions just to hear my office stories.

Thank you for the all the praises & also the scoldings,
You have let us find our way accross the life’s maze.

As much as I say, but thank you is just not enough Papa,
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Paa !


U, Me & “Scooty” :)




  1. Dads, the first teachers in our lives. Truly they are a source of support and strength even after we cross the thresholds of home to move on and live on our home.
    YOu dedication in the form of poetry was well put, bringing out the right emotions!!

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