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Travel Bug – once bitten, never shy! #AtoZChallenge


“Not all those who wander are lost.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Travel – is the food for my soul. A thing of joy which knows no bound. Given a choice, I am sure every one of us would be a traveler.  Travelling gives you a global perspective to the meaning of life. What’s common here, might be bizarre there.

My first memory of travel is when I as a child I travelled to my hometown for summer vacations.  For me, it was no less than a festive occasion, where I would get to meet my grandparents. The train rides were exciting – buying comics & snacks.  Trains passing through the serpentine rows of trees & paddy fields. occasional whistle blowing to alarm every one of the incoming train. These memories are forever etched into my brain.

The first plane ride is also equally special to me. The excitement of flying amidst the clouds, which looked like cotton candy spread across hectares of area. 🙂

My parents are travel enthusiast so there was never an end to exploring new places. As an adult, I have visited many of those place again. Travelling with friends or solo has added new twists to my travel experiences. Some funny experiences, some scary – but all of these has taught something new.

I have this idea of travelling across the length & breadth of India solo. Awaiting when I would be doing it. Maybe this year or next. But, still plans our underway for it. Idea is to travel afar to new places & meet random strangers. Learn their life stories & share some of mine.

Do you have some travel plans which are yet to fulfilled? What motivates you to travel?


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  1. This was a great read! I love traveling and my motivation to do so is that on every trip I learn something new about myself:)
    Wishing you many more travels!:)

  2. Travel is a constant pursuit and pleasure for the soul. Nice to visit your blog.

    U – Understanding Pranayam:

  3. upasna1987

    My next travel destination is Andaman’s and I am so excited about it.

  4. Yup travel is something I am forever yearning for. It fulfills me like nothing else. As soon as one trip is over, I get busy planning my next; even if just in my head 😉

    ​Taaza Thindi in Bangalore

  5. Train rides are a novelty now! These days we take train rides for the experience 🙂

    I too remember my first plane ride and how excited I was when it happened… way back in the 80s when it was still a luxury!

    Your solo travel aim is ambitious and when you finish, it will be a story worth repeating many times. Best of luck…

  6. May you fulfil your travel dreams soon. I agree with you that every travelogue teaches you something about that place.

  7. I long to travel but for a lot of reasons I haven’t been able to travel much. But yes I am going to make the best use of every opportunity I get.

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