Tummy Trouble Remedies For Baby!

A new-born baby takes it tiny steps exploring the new wide world. And, often this comes at a price of tummy trouble. The babies are susceptible to multiple tummy troubles as their body functioning is not as developed as an adult. Let’s talk about the common tummy troubles and how to identify & correct them.

Gas troubles

New-born are busy mastering the skill of feeding. Be it breastfeeding or bottle feeding, certain amount of air might enter your baby’s belly. The tummy would appear to be bloated or the baby would show signs of discomfort. It is very natural and generally kids outgrow it after certain age. To ease the gas pain, you should move the legs in a cycling manner and push the legs towards the tummy. It is the easiest way to release the trapped air.

Given the weather conditions, I also prefer giving a gentle message on the stomach with lukewarm oil.


The poop cycle for kids is just crazy, they can be pooping 7 times a day or once in 5 days. It is concerning for a new parent, but it is considered normal. Not pooping can cause pain and none of us like kids wailing in pain.

For helping with constipation, if he baby has started solids,then try introducing fibre rich food in the diet. Or if you are breastfeeding, then try keeping track of food you intake. Certain food tend to have gaseous affect even in adults, try avoiding them for sometime. Whenever in doubt a doctor’s advice is the best solution!

I had learnt my lesson the hard way when my kid was three months old and after a short vacation with crazy feeding schedules, he had stopped pooping for four days!

Reflux/Spitting up

New born kids tend to throw up after feeding. It can occur due to fast feeding or too much feeding in one go. You should take breaks in between the feeding, hold the kid on the shoulder and make gentle movements in upward directions on the back to help them burp. It will release any trapped air and also help in digesting the feed. A different pattern may work for your child to help them burp.


A child may have watery poop cycles, as they grow old you would be in a better position to judge the severity. But, it should never be taken lightly. As diarrhea causes loss of fluids in both, leaving the kid dehydrated. If the kid is eating solids, then you can try giving them banana or curd to help with the digestion. And, a doctor may also suggest you to give electrolyte solution to avoid dehydration.

Keep a note of what your child eats, hygiene is of utmost importance to avoid diarrhea from contaminated food or water.

Teething troubles

As a kid starts teething, one of the first obvious sign is an upset tummy or nappy rashes. It takes it natural course of time to subdue, but you can take homeopathic medicine or oral solutions, on your pediatrician’s advice.

We all love our kids and would go lengths to keep them healthy & fit. If you have any other tip then do share with us in comment section to help other parents. 🙂

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