Last Chapter

Natasha has never been a day dreamer, but now all she could do was dream about her life after the kid arrives. It seemed like her life had always revolved around the kid, life before pregnancy had seized to exist. She could only think about a happy future.

Will she have a boy or girl? Will the baby look like her or Ananth? What color eyes would the child have? Curly hair or straight? Dimples or not? What will the baby’s laugh sound like? And another zillion questions like these raced through her mind everyday.

She wanted everything to be perfect for her child from the clothes to the crib. Her sister called it nesting.

‘Natasha, you are nesting. You are filling up your house with things that you don’t even need. Why do you need to have same dress in two different colors for the child?’, asked her sister.

‘What if one color doesn’t look good. My child should have another option. Two colors are my backup plan’, replied Natasha innocently.

‘I give up!’ yelled her sister as she gave up.

Natasha wanted to knit sweaters and crochet hats for her child but her stitching skills were unaccounted for. She wanted to give her child one special gift where she had put in efforts. After days of contemplating she finally found a gift.

Ananth called her crazy when she told him that she wanted to build a crib. Design and build a crib, paint it and decorate it. And after many high-pitched exchanges it was settled that they would get the crib made and Natasha could paint it and decorate it.

Before that she had to take permission from her doctor to touch the paints and they had to search for paints which wont be harmful for her & the child. The next two weeks were the happy times where Natasha would plugin her headphones and keep painting her child’s crib.

It might have been her wishful thinking but that’s what a mother does cause, they want the best for their kids.

——–To be contd.——–

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