Financial Independence for Women!

With an increasing number of women entering the workforce, they play a vital role in managing family finances. Also, over the last few decades, home makers and mothers have increasingly been involved in taking decisions pertaining to how the finances can be better managed. With better financial planning, there is a drastic improvement in the […]

Book Review: Girls and the City by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar

Book Name: Girls and the City Author: Manreet Sodhi Someshwar Genre: Thriller fiction Format: Paperback/Kindle Pages: 350 Language: English Rating: 4/5 The Plot Girls and the City is the story of three women who meet while working for the same client. Juhi Jha ambitious and naive Leela Lakshmi talented, tenacious single mother Reshma Talwar hotshot […]


Busting myths around Vaccination – Are they related to other disorders in children?

The vaccinations are the safety net which gives assurance to parents about the well-being of their child. Having worked with Life-Science domain, I had basic understanding of the safety testing that a vaccine goes through during its life cycle. But anti-vaccine groups have been debating about the possible connection between vaccinations and prevalence of developmental […]


Book Review: Chaos by Raksha Bharadia

Book Name: CHAOS: In Romance, Sexuality and Fidelity Author: Raksha Bharadia Format: Paperback Pages: 218 Language: Engilish Rating: 4/5 The book ‘Chaos: In Romance, Sexuality and Fidelity’ is a non-fiction that talks about the chaos in the modern-day relationships. The definitions of roles in a relationship are changing and so are ways we react to […]