Book Review: Girls and the City by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar

  • Book Name: Girls and the City
  • Author: Manreet Sodhi Someshwar
  • Genre: Thriller fiction
  • Format: Paperback/Kindle
  • Pages: 350
  • Language: English
  • Rating: 4/5

The Plot

Girls and the City is the story of three women who meet while working for the same client. Juhi Jha ambitious and naive Leela Lakshmi talented, tenacious single mother Reshma Talwar hotshot young executive. As the women bond over work, navigating their secret pasts, disapproving landladies, abusive bosses and roadside stalkers, they discover that the city fuelled by hungry aspirants and a real-estate boom might not be the refuge they seek. One pouring night in Bengaluru, their worst fears come true: one person is dead and the rest are suspects.

The Review

The book cover captivates the reader and the storyline keeps you hooked till the end. Each women’s story depicts a resemblance to the women you see in real life. The small-town girl from Unnao has high dreams and is ambitious to reach for the stars. It shows the reality girls face to break down the age-old shackles.

The other young executive moves away from her hometown Chandigarh for first time to work on an assignment. She reminded me a little of myself when I had got my first job. It would be similar story for many of the young working professionals in thirties who are trying to make a mark in their careers.

Lastly, the single mother who is running away from an abusive past and finds ways to provide a better life for her daughter. The struggle of parenthood is real when she tries to get her daughter admitted in the renowned school for good education.

The story for Girls and the City is set in Bangalore and covers all the human emotions – love, lust & greed. The supporting characters play a vital role in the mystery. I did feel that few minor instances of the police investigation could have been skipped as they did not add much to the timeline. The office politics, sexual harassment or the power games by powerful men keep the reader intrigued to turn over the pages. Overall, the mystery surrounding the dead is well kept till the end and as a reader I enjoyed the book.

**I had received this book (Girls and the City) as part of the Blogchatter Book Review Program and this is my personal opinion about the book.

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