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My bagfull of travel memories! #Superbloggerchallenge2018

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Once you start to travel nothing else can ever satisfy your soul. With travel comes the fondest memories. Memories of places you see, people you meet and the food you eat. As far as I can remember, I have always been travelling either with family or friends.

Vivekananda Rock memorial

Me at Viveknanda Rock Memorial


My earliest travel memories involve travelling in train from Khandwa to my hometown in summer vacations. As a five-year old kid, the overnight journey was intriguing. Thoughts of meeting my grandparents and playing with cousins kept me preoccupied. Those were the days of pure joy and innocence! 🙂

Another one of my favorite childhood travel memory is of my first school trip. How can I forget the thrill of travelling sans parents? It was also the first time that I had enjoyed snowfall.

Some places are etched in memories and you might like to visit them more often. For me, that place is Vivekananda Rock Memorial,Kanyakumari. I have been here many times and it’s still not enough. Watching sunrise at the beach, catching the early ferry to the memorial and returning with the sunset hues spread across the sea – a perfect day!

Each travel has added a new story in my life – some were funny and few were horrifying. The scariest travel experience was when two troublemakers kept following us on their bike in a hill station. It was late evening, me and my friend were returning back to our hotel. The troublesome duo irritated us until we shouted on them. Not one person around us had interfered to stop those boys.I realize that our safety is in our hands, still a little help from bystanders would be appreciated. Next time if you see wrong doings anywhere, then raise a voice!

I have also met wonderful people on my journeys. The cab driver in Gangtok who shared anecdotes of his life with us. The woman who was amazed when she learnt I was travelling without my husband. The uncle who had accompanied us in Kashmir tour. The latest being a lady who had helped me with my infant in air travel last month. I might not remember their names forever, but kindness is never forgotten.

My travel stories are never-ending & I am sure you would also have such travel stories.  What is your fondest travel story? Which is your favorite place to visit? Do share them with us.

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Farewell to Thee…

Across life we have come across things we wanted to hold onto forever. Sometimes things stay forever. But what about those things that don’t ? We tend to think more about our loss. And forget to appreciate what we have.

Remember your favourite toy which u never wanted to lose. But as u grew old you stopped playing with it. Time changes and so do the priorities. Think of all those things that were of utmost importance for you once. Do you really need them now ? I am sure most of us will have no as an answer. We all change our priorities with time.

I am not saying that we forget all important things in life. But yes we should have fix priorities in life.

The same applies to people in our life. You want some people to stay in your life forever. Family,best friends,love – you want them to be with you throughout life. Not each one of us has the same best friend all our life. The ones who do are lucky. Keep hold of the people who really matter to you,for whom you matter the most.

In our lifetime,we meet so many people. Some unexpected bonds are formed. But there also few bonds which we want but still they break. No need to cling to the past. They would have stayed if it was possible or worthwhile…

Learn to let go off the them. Only when the old things end,will it make space for new and better ones.

I just wanna say good bye to all such things and people. Each of them has affected my life in some way or the other. But now is the time to move on…Time to face what future holds for me…And I hope that even for a second,but I did make people think about what actually matters…

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