Book Review – Of Swans and Songs by Rohini Paranjpe Sathe!

Book Name: Of Swans and Songs

Author Name: Rohini Paranjpe Sathe

Format available: E-book & Paperback

Pages: 358

Language: English

Review of the book

The book “Of Swans and Songs” by Rohini Paranjpe Sathe is a collection of seven short stories. The stories take you through the bittersweet emotions of life. Each short story brings to life the characters in the book. The stories are setup in the Indian background & are easy to relate. The language is simple and words flow easily. Each story has something special to captivate your thoughts.

When the Girl Died shows us the harsh truth of our society & how each one reacts to it differently. The story is about the turmoil in life of Mathur’s family when confronted with the news of a rape.

In The Messenger speaks about the emotions we feel when a loved one passes away. We continue to feel them around us & watching us. The reality makes you wonder!

Anuja Grows Up is the story of family secrets. How does Anuja react when she learns about the past about her family? The generation clashes are not unknown to us all. Does Anuja & her family survive these clashes & emerge together as family or not? This story amongst my favorite from the collection.

In Amma, the author celebrates the life of renowned classical singer and her relationship with her prodigy. If you are a music lover, you would fall in love with the life of Amma portrayed by her biographer.

Finding Shobha is a tale of tuition teacher’s tryst with the rapidly changing life events. The story tells of how she deals with her fluctuating mood and comes to term with it. As a woman I relate to it and can reread it multiple times.

Of Swans and Songs, is aptly named title story & is the story of an extramarital affair that breaks a surgeon’s family. Like in reality the story takes you through the chaos that ensues after the affair & the efforts to establish peace.

A Happy Diwali, makes you nostalgic and takes you to down the memory lanes of Diwali celebrations. The family bonds and the drama keep the readers occupied.

Author Rohini Paranjpe Sathe trained to be an economist, but her first love Hindustani classical music took priority over other things. She turned to writing few years back & with debut book “Of Swans & Songs” she has beautifully weaved people’s life & emotions into a narrative. On a personal note, I would recommend the book to be a must read for all as each story touches the human soul!

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28 thoughts on “Book Review – Of Swans and Songs by Rohini Paranjpe Sathe!


    (1st October 2019 - 02:11)

    Glad you liked it.Thanks for dropping by!


    (18th September 2019 - 00:18)

    Good review.. It shows your emotions while not divulging so much of the book, but just enough to make it intriguing..


    (11th September 2019 - 13:01)

    Now i am looking forward to check out this book as you have reviewed it in such lovely way.


      (1st October 2019 - 02:10)

      Hope you like the book too!


    (9th September 2019 - 22:35)

    Loved the review about the book


      (1st October 2019 - 02:10)

      Thank you. 🙂


    (8th September 2019 - 22:36)

    This was really an interesting review.Looking forward to read some more.
    #myfriendalexa #manseereads


      (1st October 2019 - 02:09)

      Thanks for dropping by!

    Preeti's Panorama

    (8th September 2019 - 19:18)

    Great Review.. You have spoken about each element yet kept the stories intact. Liked it immensely
    #readbypreetispanorama for #MyFriendAlexa


      (1st October 2019 - 02:09)

      Glad you liked it.

    Shubhra Rastogi

    (6th September 2019 - 23:42)

    Seems like a great book. Thanks for the review. #MyFriendAlexa #Blogchatter


      (1st October 2019 - 02:09)

      Thanks for dropping by!

    Adi Sathe

    (6th September 2019 - 21:14)

    Short stories are my kind of read…. Thank you so much for the recommendation


      (1st October 2019 - 02:08)

      Glad you found it helpful.


    (6th September 2019 - 18:41)

    Loved the book review of “of swans and songs”,will surely read this,I love to read short stories .


      (1st October 2019 - 02:08)

      Thanks for dropping by!


    (6th September 2019 - 17:12)

    you have made me so curous to read this one now.. I love the way you give reviews.


    (6th September 2019 - 16:50)

    Im so taken in by this work after your beautiful review that im picking this up for my next read,Thankyou for a beautiful review


      (1st October 2019 - 02:07)

      Do let me know which story you liked the most.


    (6th September 2019 - 16:41)

    Swans and Songs seems like an interesting read and you have given such a short but insightful detail of each of the seven stories. Amma seems to me very interesting. #wordsmithkaurreads #BlogChatter #MyFriendAlexa


      (1st October 2019 - 02:06)

      Glad you liked the review. 🙂


    (6th September 2019 - 13:39)

    The story look very sensitive, kudos to the writer who balanced out #millennialscribbler


      (1st October 2019 - 02:06)

      Thanks for dropping by!

    Ninu Nair

    (6th September 2019 - 13:30)

    What an intriguing title…and your review surely tempts me to grab a copy. It’s been quite a while since I read short stories.


      (1st October 2019 - 02:05)

      You should grab your copy soon. 🙂


    (6th September 2019 - 10:34)

    The stories seem capable of striking a cord somewhere in the heart.


      (1st October 2019 - 02:05)

      Yes, you would feel connected to them. Thanks for dropping by!

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