Book Review – Silver Hair Sins!

     Book Name    : Silver Hair Sins
Author Name : Saumick Pal

The novel Silver Hair Sins is set up in future, where the world is dependent on the AI (Artificial Intelligence) to differentiate right from wrong. What makes the novel so special is that it is India’s First Virtual Fiction. An Artificial Intelligence (AI) merges all major religions to create One God AI.


The photographs capture the author’s portrayal of the story line beautifully. The concept of pictures used for narration include the file photos and artist rendition both. All the elements of sci-fi are present in the novel. Be it a silver chip installed in the body or controlling a person’s reaction to situation.


The story line starts with Akbar & Meera. Meera’s decision to payback the organization which saves her initially from a fatal disease sets the plot in motion. The story takes a forward leap and the lives of Mary, Azad and Aasma are intertwined with the past.  Politics and Religion when bundled together create differences in the society. Is One Bald Master always correct?


As an avid reader, I had finished novel in few hours. The characters felt real because of their flaws. The narration style had me hooked to the book. I would recommend the book to all.

You can also watch the promo video of the book here.

(Note – I had got the book for review as a part of the Blogchatter Book Review Program.)

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