The Authentic City!

Once upon a time there was a gated city named Authentic. It was ruled by King Trueman and there was only one law for its citizens to abide by, “to be authentic”.

The law might look simple, but was difficult for all to follow and hence the population was always less in this city. Those who lived there were true to themselves and others. Everyone was unique and only told the truth. One law was enough to avoid malice among its citizens and it also favored diversity.

The blogging community is like that city with one simple rule, “to be authentic and original”. Every now and then, you might come across people complaining of copied content. It is an insult to all the hard work and research a blogger does for a post. And, in the long run it harms both the original author and the copycat.

The search engines also impose penalty on the copied content and frequent copying will only lead to downfall. Also, there are people all over the internet who write half baked content or even false click-bait articles too. How does the person not realize what they are doing is wrong? As a blogger, it infuriates me!

There are times, when I look forward to buy a product and search for genuine reviews. The more I read, easier it becomes to recognize false reviews or paid content. Don’t people have some credibility to their readers?

Apart from blogging world, who can forget the forward messages or junk mails which we all would have received in last year alone? Too many false articles promoting different theories and experimental treatment for Covid. How easily people are fooled and end up harming themselves?

As a writer, it is your responsibility to be true and do adequate research before posting an article. The commandment that “Thou shall be authentic” should be the motto!

What are your views on being authentic? Have you ever found someone copying for content without credit, how did you deal with it?

‘This post is a part of Blogchatter Half Marathon.

Post Author: Dishki

3 thoughts on “The Authentic City!

    Brinda Vijay

    (3rd July 2021 - 02:57)

    Well said! being honest and original does have payback when you are a blogger. I am always looking for honest reviews of products that I want to buy. I do wish everyone would be honest about their words.


    (2nd July 2021 - 23:09)

    There is a fine line between plagiarism & inspiration. One needs to know how to create original content even when deriving an idea from another post. Copying without credit is not done & should be called out.

    Vikas Nainwal

    (2nd July 2021 - 11:57)

    I think we should try to be authentic but most newbie bloggers are looking for short cuts and hence resort to copying and click bait content. But as you have said it definitely does not bode well for such copy pasters. And they realize it because most of the times they get tired of it and stop posting content.

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