The unsaid reality of Menstruation!

‘Do not sit with others.’

‘You cannot enter the temple’.

‘Do not touch the pickle’.

‘You cannot sleep besides your husband’.

These words might not mean much to many of us. But, ask a girl who is told this every month for throughout her lifetime. She is given a list of do’s and don’ts to be followed for whenever she is menstruating.

Across the world, different cultures have stigmas attached with periods. The women are confined to a single room in-house. In some cases, even shunned outside villages to live in sheds for ‘that time of the month’. They live in unhygienic conditions and without a proper diet when it is utmost needed.

Some consider the women to be impure and it is a sin for these women to touch any men while on periods. It is improper to talk about periods with male members of the family. When will we realize that this ill-treatment should stop? Rather than neglect, a women needs extra care while menstruating.  It is time that we spoke about it and educate the masses.

Menstruation is medically defined as,

“The process in a woman of discharging blood and other material from the lining of the uterus at intervals of about one lunar month from puberty until the menopause, except during pregnancy.”

Thus, it is a natural bodily function which proves that a girl/women is healthy. And, there is nothing to be ashamed about. Studies also suggest that it eliminates excess iron, which can be a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Steps to spread awareness
  • Educating children, both girls and boys, about the periods at an early age to help them understand it.
  • Identify the areas and conduct street play, talk shows in those areas.
  • Correct the people who joke about the ‘PMS’ and educate them about the real symptoms like, headache, backache, nausea, cramping,etc.
  • Adapt the culture where the start of menstrual cycle for a girl is celebrated rather than looked down.
  • Government policies should be introduced for manufacturing safe and hygienic menstrual products.
  • Easy and affordable access for these products to be available to all the women in the country.
  • Most importantly, we should reject the stigma/taboos attached with menstrual cycles and stop shaming girls for it.

This World Menstrual Hygiene Day (May 28), our endeavor is to break the taboo that engulfs this natural phenomenon that is the basis of very existence of human life on earth. This post is a part of a Blog Train hosted by Anupriya of where 14 wonderful ladies have stepped forward to express themselves this #MenstrualHygieneDay and stress on the fact that there are #NoMoreLimits for a woman.

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Post Author: Dishki

25 thoughts on “The unsaid reality of Menstruation!


    (2nd June 2018 - 13:27)

    I agree too…it’s high time we need to educate people and spread awareness

    Yogita Amit Joshi

    (30th May 2018 - 18:46)

    Actually the only thing is missing is right awareness… Those who cant talk with daughter cant explain it to son.

    Its actually need awareness .


      (30th May 2018 - 22:52)

      Yes, people are too shy to talk about it even with daughters at times. And its all hushed up.


    (30th May 2018 - 17:22)

    Completely agree with you on the steps we need to take to create awareness on menstruation…


      (30th May 2018 - 22:56)

      Thank you! I hope we can help make changes.


    (30th May 2018 - 16:54)

    This is a much needed post at this age. It’s high time the taboos are broken and more awareness is created about how normal it is to discuss about menstruation


      (30th May 2018 - 23:00)

      Exactly, we need to say speak about it normally. 🙂

    Bhawna (@KickUpstairs_)

    (30th May 2018 - 14:46)

    Awareness is quite necessary for knowing the actual facts. Some people are so rigid with their superstitions and for them special awareness should be organized.


      (30th May 2018 - 23:02)

      True, I remember reading about some NGO long back which performed nukkad nataks in rural areas to raise awareness. Hope it is still happening.


    (30th May 2018 - 11:04)

    The steps you have shared to spread awareness are really good ideas. We have to talk about it. Boys and girls all should be educated properly.


      (30th May 2018 - 23:03)

      Glad you liked it. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂


    (30th May 2018 - 02:27)

    These taboos about menstruation should go. They need to be spoken about to create awareness about it.


      (30th May 2018 - 23:19)

      Yes and we should start from our surroundings.


    (29th May 2018 - 20:21)

    Bang on! Awareness is the key. Agreed.


      (30th May 2018 - 23:20)

      Glad you liked it! Thanks for dropping by. 🙂


    (29th May 2018 - 20:17)

    Bang on! Awareness is the key… agreed.

    Siddhi Palande aka book_gobbler

    (29th May 2018 - 15:38)

    Menstrual cycle is celebrated in my caste however I don’t understand the customs attached to it. I have tried to voice my opinion time and again against such rigidcustoms. I have found that the thing is men is they aren’t really educated about menstruation or the pain women go through


      (30th May 2018 - 19:14)

      True Siddhi, we need to make the men understand that periods are normal and it nothing to be afraid of. 🙂


    (29th May 2018 - 15:06)

    I think I read once that a particular community in the southern parts of our country celebrates the beginning of a girl’s period. Some years back I would have laughed about it, but today I understand why it is a need. Your post makes the same point. Thanks for participating in the blog train.


      (30th May 2018 - 19:13)

      True, I had read the same. But from reading more about it,I realized that celebration was to inform the society that girl has come of age and is ready to be married of. Not sure how much is true though.

    Ramya Abhinand

    (29th May 2018 - 14:41)

    This is such an apt post on the occassion of world mensutraion day. We have been over the years been taught wierd ideas about mensuration, when it is a totally natural thing of the human body. We have brought in religion and culture and all sorts of things into it. Hope the generation ahead changes in its thought process.


      (30th May 2018 - 19:11)

      Oh, I wish the same. The concept of adding culture to a natural process in absurd for me.


    (28th May 2018 - 15:22)

    Every little effort counts as a lot needs to be done.


      (28th May 2018 - 20:33)

      True Maitri, even if we can educate one person its a good start.

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