My bag of memories! #WriteBravely

Every place that I have lived or visited has memories attached with it. Our brains are wired to store images continuously. And, these flashes of images make us nostalgic.

Home sweet home!

Whenever I think about my hometown Lucknow, I can relive all 21 years of my life in one go. My home, my school – all set within few kilometers of each other. Then, my maternal grandparents also not too far. The carefree days spent with cousins and friends!

My very first memories go back to spending time with my grandparents. My grandfather used to tell us new stories every night & I used to tease my grandmother by hiding behind doors. And, the summer vacations which were spent at my maternal grandparents home. The Nawabi culture of Lucknow is so embedded in my system that I still use ‘Hum’ & ‘Aap’ for ‘I’ & ‘You’. πŸ™‚

Later, my job then took me across various places in India, with Mumbai being my favorite. I vividly remember the day I had landed in Mumbai. From woolen jackets of Lucknow to cotton shrugs of Mumbai in January. Mumbai – city of dreams had welcomed us with its rhythmic chaos!

Marine Drive, Mumbai

I had revisited Mumbai after three years and still the place was just as lively. Night out at Marine Drive, shopping in Bandra or the Vada pao at every corner of the city! I can write a whole book about my bag of memories.

Isn’t this how we live our lives? Gathering memories each day and replaying them over and over. It’s not only happy memories that shape our world, but also the sad ones!Β What are your happiest memories? Do you believe that memories shape how we plan our future?

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19 thoughts on “My bag of memories! #WriteBravely”

  1. One of my happy memories from this year is of the day that I went with a group of friends to learn kayaking. That was so much fun and the instructor said that I never stopped smiling!

  2. So thrilled to read this post!! Guess what, we have stayed at Lucknow and Mumbai too. Lucknow for 1 year only (sadly… I love Lucknow ) and Mumbai for 8 years. We have had some beautiful memories at both these places!!

  3. Absolutely true.. Life is a bag full of memories. We make and preserve in the storage house of our brain. When I recall my memories of Lucknow – my in-laws city; it gives some bitter sweet memories. But all worth preserving πŸ˜‰

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