Walking down the memory lane! #DecadeHop

Time and again, time has been my friend. Yet, time and again I thought of it as my enemy. The last decade had made the time go slow in moments when I wanted it to fly & it has been faster when I want to hold onto it. When I think about it today, the decade was gone in a blink. Let me take you down the memory lane, hope you will find yourself too!

यारों दोस्ती बड़ी ही हसीन है
ये ना हो तो क्या फिर
बोलो ये ज़िंदगी है
कोई तो हो राज़दार
बेगरज़ तेरा हो यार
कोई तो हो राज़दार…

How many of us would have grown up with this song? The beginning of the decade was the end of college for me. Nostalgic about leaving my friends behind, yet excited about the journey I was about to begin. I might not talk to each of them now, but looking back at those moments surely brings a smile on my face! It was also the time, when I moved out of my hometown and have become a visitor now. Long back I had written a post on mixed feelings about leaving home & it still holds true!

I had written my first blog post in 2010 too.When I look back it seems silly to have started blogging a decade back and then to stop writing at all. My love for north-eastern states also began when I was in Guwahati for my induction.

Year 2011, brought me to the second city I love, Mumbai. This city that has shaped me into who I am today. Juggling between job and taking care of the house, managing finances and learning to cook! Too many first time events happened in this year. Best of all, I learnt to chop onions. 😉

Corporate world is a mysterious place, instead of frineds you get colleagues. Spening 9 hours in front of the Box can make you feel like a robot & actions become automated. Someday, there will be a breakthrough and colleagues become like family. Touchwood, I found a small bunch who are like family. We have shared sorrow and happiness.(Most sorrow in our job happens around the appraisal times. :P)

Near the mid of decade, my status changed from Ms. to Mrs. and then I moved cities again. Moving to the city of microbrewries, was amazing experience. Weekends spent exploring different food joints so much that I wrote a post about it too. Bangalore and its lakes are beautiful. But, why would anyone make an airport at a distance that feels like visting a different city?

Calendar changed to 2016 and I started blogging again and attended my first bloggers meet too. This time I was determined to pursue my passion without a break. And, thankfully I am still able to do so…Time to move again and we were enjoying the chilly winters of the North. Back to be near home & to enter motherhood surrounded by my family. 🙂

For now, I am back to where my journey began a decade ago – Mumbai. The little one keeps me occupied when I am not working. Professionally, I have grown over the years. I am no more the novice who would jump to conclusions quickly. Words like, root casual analysis, escalations, UAT, status calls, production deployment are part of daily jargon. And, even my two year old recongnizes few of them. 😀

Lessons that I learnt from last decade – 

  • Be ready to explore out of your comfortzone.
  • Travelling makes you grow as a person. I took solo trips and travelled with family. All this has given me a wider view of the outside world.
  • Forgive yourself & to be content.
  • For a happier professional life, adapt with the changing times. Continue the thirst for knowledge.
  • And, to write,read & continue blogging. 😊

How did the last decade treat you? You might have lost few relationships & also gained new in return. If you find yourself lost, then remember that a new decade is a new beginning and you can write your own destiny.

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Post Author: Dishki

64 thoughts on “Walking down the memory lane! #DecadeHop

    Rashi Roy

    (6th February 2020 - 18:47)

    That was a sweet and short post to read. Enjoyed reading your journey and the transformations you have gone through. Happy to have you on board 🙂

    Zenobia Merchant

    (3rd February 2020 - 19:26)

    A beautiful journey you had embarked on the last decade and your blog took me through it all. Hoping the next decade treats you even better.

    Maya Bhat

    (3rd February 2020 - 15:23)

    I am so happy for you. Keep smiling. The little one is adorable 🥰

    Love all your takeaways. I also went through similar transformations. Got my first dream job, married to my childhood friend, entered into motherhood and got promoted on a senior rank. All this is quite a lot to treasure and cherish!

    Neha Sharma

    (2nd February 2020 - 20:45)

    What a beautiful journey, Disha. I am truly amazed how working mothers balance corporate life and work & here you are also managing your blog, kudos to you! Have a wonderful decade ahead, full of happy moments.


    (2nd February 2020 - 00:54)

    You’ve had a fun and eventful decade and it was good to get a peek in your life. Hope the next decade takes you many different cities and brings in more experiences to cherish.

    Srishti Rajeev

    (1st February 2020 - 23:49)

    I enjoyed reading the journey described with the help of cities, really they can be so different and change one. Marriage, motherhood and a family at workplace is a lot happening in a decade. Keep writing!


    (1st February 2020 - 22:51)

    Quite often we forget to forgive ourselves. Great post!

    Mayuri Nidigallu

    (1st February 2020 - 11:38)

    Those are some precious lessons you shared, Disha. Glad you had an eventful decade. Wishing you the best for the one to follow.

    Preeti's Panorama

    (1st February 2020 - 03:14)

    It was such a delight to read your journey in the past decade. I think you will remember the decade which has gone by to be the most happening one. Kudos to you and may you have many more happy decades



    (31st January 2020 - 21:50)

    Yes, I have lost few relations in the past decade, but I can’t keep that in my heart, life have to move on and we have to be practical in life, because forever doesn’t exist. Anyway, I found it nice to see that you were in Guwahati, as I am from Guwahati only.


    (31st January 2020 - 21:18)

    This post is a lovely exposition of the last few years of your life. We have had a similar journey in many ways, so I can relate to your feelings.

    Debidutta Mohanty

    (30th January 2020 - 17:06)

    It was a nice post summing up last 10years in an honest way. Mumbai has it’s own charm and I too loved that city.

    Damyanti Biswas

    (30th January 2020 - 09:03)

    A lovely summary of your decade. Such a positive take on life–the way you have stepped out of your comfort zone and triumphed is commendable.

    Mahesh Sowani

    (30th January 2020 - 08:02)

    Disha, I absolutely agree with you when you say that we should get out of our comfort zones and travelling gives a better understanding of life. That has been my experience too.


    (30th January 2020 - 00:18)

    That’s a simple and tiny tale spun in few words and served well.
    You spoke your journey and the onion cutting, 😉

    Keep writing and do share more such UATs


    (29th January 2020 - 18:36)

    Change is the only thing which is inevitable and constant. Wishing you a fulfilling next decade 🙂


    (29th January 2020 - 15:47)

    Travelling is a tedious task and learning through it is evident. I haven’t heard of someone being so optimistic about travelling.
    Your post was positive and worth every second I spent on it. Thank you for penning down an amazing post.
    — rightpurchasing

    vidhya Thakkar

    (29th January 2020 - 11:57)

    wwoow loved how you summed up!


    (28th January 2020 - 19:02)

    Travelling to different places surely gives a lot of learnings and when you travel alone, it is totally a different experience. Lovely to hear your life journey and how you grew in all these years.

    Prerna Wahi

    (28th January 2020 - 18:42)

    You have surely had an action packed decade. Enjoyed reading about your journey and your honest confessions.


    (28th January 2020 - 16:55)

    I liked how you summed up your journey from friends to colleagues and office sorrows (Appraisals 😉 to marital life, motherhood and then blogging too. Quite an eventful decade for you, Disha. Keep soaring high 🙂


    (28th January 2020 - 14:38)

    Thats wonderful. Reading your post I jumped to your Sikkim post . If you have written more about east do mail me please . I loved – continue the thirst for knowledge. Best wishes to you . My mail id is [email protected]


    (28th January 2020 - 14:29)

    You are seriously the bravest I encountered to travel alone in those strange lands. Wonderful. Your lessons are awesome. Can I borrow few and use for my kid.


    (27th January 2020 - 23:33)

    Loved that gems of wisdom you had mentioned. What a lovely post and wish you an even better decade.


    (27th January 2020 - 23:21)

    That was a sweet and honest recap of your decade. You achieved many milestones and glad you are happy and content in the present phase. The life lessons shared are so apt and can be mantras for most of us. Lovely post

    Namratha Varadharajan

    (27th January 2020 - 22:40)

    Such a simple and straightforward post. Thank you sharing some of your memories with us and your kid is a cutie🙂See you around in the blogging world🙂


    (27th January 2020 - 19:42)

    Your decade appraisal is sweet and honest. Friends lost, new gained. New life. New relationship an all.I love how you mentioned “forgive yourself and be content”. That is a fab takeaway from the decade.

    Nice post 🙂 It reminded me of my journey, Disha.

    ~Pragnya (www.lifewithmypenguin.com)


    (27th January 2020 - 16:40)

    Forgive yourself is the best thing we can do to ourselves. guilt kills us within.. Great learnings fromt he decade and i am taking away a few learnings for myself too. 🙂


    (27th January 2020 - 15:22)

    Loved reading your recap of the decade. Change is the only constant. We adapt and we evolve. Loved the life lessons you listed at the end. It is a takeaway for most of us from the decade. Wishing you the very best.


    (27th January 2020 - 15:14)

    Being out on one’s comfort zone is perhaps the most difficult thing. Atleast for me! But I cannot agree more with you! Because it is certainly the most important thing! Whenever I have ventured beyond my comfort zone I have come across a winner! Thats for sure! Cheers!


    (27th January 2020 - 15:03)

    The journey and ups and downs in life teach you many lessons as have been aptly pointed out in your post. Two points that I could resonate with was Be ready to explore out of your comfortzone. Travelling makes you grow as a person. I have not taken any solo trips but the amount of travelling done has made me realise as a human we are such small beings and there is so much more to explore. Keep exploring!!


    (27th January 2020 - 14:22)

    learning from the events is the best thing one can do. Loved that you concluded your post and decade with learnings. 🙂

    Jyoti Arora

    (27th January 2020 - 12:59)

    Moving out of your comfortt zone is important to live amd last. Travelling alone is great, I am still trying 😉.best wishes for your years to come !

    Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    (27th January 2020 - 11:17)

    So, it was an wonderful decade, good to know, what i loved most is…”continue the thirst for knowledge”continue blogging and i will continue reading your post.

    Anjali M Naik

    (27th January 2020 - 10:52)

    Nice to read about you Disha. I agree with your life lessons too.. moving out of comfort zone is extremely important to grow ..forgiveness is an essential virtue for a peace of mind and yes blogging is cathartic for me ..!!Wishing you more love and luck in the next decade as well !!!

    Pooja Priyamvada

    (27th January 2020 - 10:28)

    This was interesting, I love reading life lessons, each person processes the same experience differently. loved your take,


    (27th January 2020 - 07:48)

    Forgive yourself and be content is my favorite line! Both are easy enough on paper, but tremendously challenging to actually do. I loved your recap of the decade and the life lessons. Happy 2020 and here’s to another successful decade!

    yossarian (@y0ssar1anl1ves)

    (27th January 2020 - 07:11)

    The thirst for knowledge is the fountain of life. Glad that you managed to travel and keep at your muses! – Rohit Verma

    Sivaranjini Anandan

    (27th January 2020 - 00:34)

    Indeed life my way was a great read with simple yet effective life lessons😊good luck 🤗


    (27th January 2020 - 00:31)

    Beautiful journey….For me also friends are like treasure for me,phases of life doesn’t allow us to be in touch of them in same way, but yes they do hold a very special place in our life, truly enjoyed your journey of decade through your eyes, I loved one line among all and going to keep in my memory forever i.e. “ thirst of knowledge” keeping this on “mode on”forever !!!!


    (26th January 2020 - 23:58)

    Bangalore is a beautiful city except for the traffic…maybe the airport is at such a distance away from the city is so that city can expand and expand all the way till there! 😉 (just kidding!! :))
    All good wishes for the new decade!

    Deepika Mishra

    (26th January 2020 - 23:43)

    Exploring out from your comfort zone is not an easy task. I am glad you mentioned it in your lessons. Frankly speaking, I daily fight with myself to take me out from some restricted areas which I don’t want to explore ever. I try, sometimes get success and sometimes totally fail. Travelling is the biggest fear for me. Surprised! I don’t enjoy travelling always. It fluctuates time to time and I eagerly want to change this.

    Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    (26th January 2020 - 23:30)

    Such an awesome journey of past decade..and many congrats for completing a decade of blogging. like all the takeaway of your journey and I agree we have to learn forgive ourselves and be content with our achievements. wishing you much more success and happiness in upcoming decade.

    ✰Novemberschild✰ (@romspeaks)

    (26th January 2020 - 22:56)

    Hi Disha
    I would say writing, reading and blogging is a life long process and very interesting.
    I have been doing it for the past 15 years + and it has taught me many life lessons.
    Wish you write-read-blog forever.


    (26th January 2020 - 22:55)

    Loved reading your journey, hopping from one city to another. All the best for this decade.

    Pashmeena Chowdhary

    (26th January 2020 - 22:52)

    Lovely post..The lessons you shared are so apt..I have saved them for future reference..😊You had an eventful decade..Lots of best wishes for your future success..

    Harjeet Kaur

    (26th January 2020 - 22:33)

    I loved the life lessons at the end.As long as we learn from our life and work on it life is surely going to be better. Good rendition of ur decade story.

    Ujjwal Mishra

    (26th January 2020 - 22:15)

    Such a happening decade, your learnings are so relevant for others too.

    Radhika Acharya

    (26th January 2020 - 21:56)

    Boy! You must be really brave to travel alone in strange new lands! It must have certainly built up your confidence and widened your horizon. You seem to have had a full decade.:) Best wishes for a greater one ahead!


    (26th January 2020 - 20:16)

    What I found intriguing was how you have managed to make your two year old recognize management jargon! Must be a big challenge for you to deal with work and raising an infant! All best and peace from the universe! – Pallavi Acharya


    (26th January 2020 - 20:11)

    A decade full of travels and some major milestones. Very nicely penned Disha. I had a good laugh over the use of jargons and your little one recognising them too. I remember once my mother had asked me to book her tickets for a travel. And I had responded to her saying that I would do it by End Of Day. My colleagues cum friends in my cubicle had all set of laughing and teased me to no end for days.


    (26th January 2020 - 19:59)

    That’s a nice short and brief of decade gone by which changed you for better and helped you explore new cities and places.
    glad to know how you changed from Miss to Mrs to mommy. The lessons shared are a good one for everyone too.


    (26th January 2020 - 19:57)

    that’s a nice short and sweet brief of decade gone by and how it changed you from traveling places to changing cities.
    Liked the lessons you shared which holds true for everyone.


    (26th January 2020 - 19:55)

    What a well balanced decade. And I am awed by your ability to juggle blogging work and a toddler…All so well! Good luck for the new decade!💐💐

    Swarnali Nath

    (26th January 2020 - 18:41)

    Glad to know you found a family in your workplace. You travelled, your marital status changed, entered into motherhood. The last decade was so eventful for you. Best wishes 🙂

    Swarnali Nath

    (26th January 2020 - 18:35)

    Loved your post. I liked the lessons you have shared here. I am glad to know that you found a family in your workplace. Wish u all the luck in blogging journey ahead 🙂


    (26th January 2020 - 18:17)

    A short and sweet post, Disha, The life lessons you have listed are true for every decade to come. May the next decade too take you to new highs.

    Meena from balconysunrise.wordpress.com


    (26th January 2020 - 17:50)

    Your lessons are very apt – absolutely everyone has something to learn from them. Hope you continue writing always


    (26th January 2020 - 17:44)

    Short and sweet, Disha. It felt good reading your post. Keep writing!!

    Janaki(@beyond the familiar)


      (26th January 2020 - 20:14)

      Short sweet and wonderful post. Reading about your journey was amazing. The lessons you wrote about, too are very apt and everyone can relate to them… Atleast I could. Wishing you success.

    Priyanka Naik

    (26th January 2020 - 17:35)

    Marvelous journey through the decade. And equally pougnant are those rakeaway lessons it left you with.
    You traced your first post as far back as 2010 and attended your first blogger meet too . Also, onions…arrrgghhh the unbeatable onions! (forever been my enemy 🙄)

    I enjoyed reading about your journey. And I musg say, , your baby is as cute as a button! 😁

    Love and best wishes!


    (26th January 2020 - 17:21)

    Quite a happening decade. Lessons learnt which I hope you carry into the next decade. Loved your honest appraisal of yourself. Good to connect with you here


    (26th January 2020 - 17:18)

    Such a journey, you’ve had! From being a student to becoming a mother and successful professional. True that, even if we feel lost for a while, we should never lose hope and find a way to get things on track, Best wishes for this decade. 🙂

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