Mother of Mine!

“You gave to me all of my life
To do as I please
I owe everything I have to you
Mother, sweet mother of mine”

I remember these lyrics from Mother of Mine by Jimmy Osmond by heart. We used to sing it in school choir for Mother’s Day celebration each year. It perfectly sums up the feelings of a child for her mother. As a child I used to adore my mother, whereas, as a teenager I was a rebel. As a mother myself now, I am in awe of my mother. The grandmother to my child is a strong lady, who stood besides me like a rock at every step. 

Who can ever forget being held by their mother or sleeping in her lap whenever unwell? My Pandora box of memories is full of all wonderful images. The way my mother’s touch would sooth me when unwell, or teaching me alphabets, or helping me understand the Chemistry equations (which I still don’t get is a different story altogether)!

There came a point in life (read Teenage) where I was the rebel of the house. Going against my mother’s advice for smaller things & realizing in the end that she was right! Reading novels all night long ,when I should be studying which resulted in shedding tears over spoilt results. Or taking up every extra-curricular activity found in school & then getting tensed over all the deadlines. Silly me should have listened to my mother to not pick up all on my plate that I could not manage. Today I laugh on recalling my mother’s sarcastic expressions of ‘Jo karna ho karo, fir mujhe mat bolna’ (Do as you wish, don’t come to me later with your problems’). 😀

I thought getting married had bought me closer to my mom, but I was wrong. Experiencing motherhood first hand has made me realize all the hidden strength my mother had all these years. My son’s first hiccup, his first rolling of eyes, or his first week with no poop. All my queries were directed straight to my mom & she answered them patiently. She held him when I needed a break from motherly duties. In last 1.5 years, she has been with me like a shadow.

How can I forget the first time my son had acid reflux and threw up at midnight. It was scary for me & my mom was their to calm my nerves. The kiddo started walking and his cycle of falling every alternate began with it. Guess who has all the homemade remedies for cuts & bruises- My Mother!

No matter how old I grow, I would always need my mother. She is the one who can understand my silence and words alike. This post is to tell her that we do not always says we love you, but you are the soul of our home Mom. We love you. 🙂


“The older I get, the more I see the power of that young woman, my mother.” – Sharon Olds

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