Parenting one vs parenting two!

Become a parent and you learn all the new skills. Multitasking and multiple roles is a daily thing. I thought being a parent once had prepared me for being a second time parent. Was I right?

Parenting one child is focusing on needs of one at a time. Feeding, bathing or playing – you do it just for one and learn on the go. You feel like an expert and then the world changes.

Just like adding a new compound to a chemical reaction changes its equilibrium, a second child adds to the chemical equation of the household. A toddler and a new born together are a very active combination. The sleep deprived Mumma has to balance feeding one and playing with the other simultaneously.

My younger one is too young to understand much. But he adores his brother. Laughs when he acts silly and looks for him when he is not around. He has a protector for life. And, his big brother is also learning diaper duties now!

You also need to be careful to spend quality time with the elder kid. I had spent days making my elder one ready for the arrival of his sibling. I had involved him in getting the house ready for new arrival. Setting up new born almirah, arranging the toys and the crib were milestones we did together. It had helped him form a bond with his unborn sibling.

There are moments when I find it overwhelming. As they say it takes two to tango! 😉 I am new to this and loving it. Simple things like how the elder one puts his hand over the little one while sleeping give you joy. Treasure them and cherish them!

Are you a parent of one kid or multiple? How do you give equal time to both? Do share your thoughts with us in comments.

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