Development Milestones for Three-ager!

Birthday Cake for 3 year old

We have seen major ups & downs in this year and this has impacted child behavior too. Many pre-schoolers around the world have not yet started schooling as things are in lockdown mode. The social interaction of kids has reduced significantly as they are not meeting their friends or cousins. Amongst all this, the worry that my three old is meeting his milestones or not is a constant thought. Let’s go through the development milestone that a three-year old achieves.

Language development

Kids at three years of age can tell their names and age. Some kids can also memorize their parents contact information at this age. Kids recognize familiar objects around them and can name them. They can follow instructions and speak in clear sentences. You can indulge them in conversation and would get replies relevant to their age.

Emotional & Social development

A three year old can recognize emotions and show empathy. They understand and can express feelings like happiness and sadness. If they like anything, they will express it and show signs if something causes distress. At this age, the kids start learning the meaning of sharing and taking turns. The concept of ‘mine’ and ‘yours’ is easily understood. My child has started differentiating between things that belong to him or others.

Simple english conversation

Cognitive development

As the understanding of world is increasing, so are the questions. How, where, what and when are constantly coming up. How does it rain? Why do we eat fo

od? Why is sun shining? In present scenario, why are we not going out? What is Corona? – these are daily questions being asked by my son. And, it shows that he is getting adapted to the world around him.


Another, major milestone is pretend play. The kids can make up stories and enact them. They will also involve people or objects around them. The child at this age can also solve 3- or 4-part puzzles. They grasp the concept of counting and identifying shapes. Recognizing the alphabets depends on individual children.

Physical Development

A three year can run and climb stairs on their own. They are happy to jump and dance at jingles and songs. The fine motor skills are strong and they will help you around by carrying boxes or opening lids for you. Your child will be happy to play games involving throw & catch.

You will also notice that they try to walk backwards and can navigate uneven terrain in a stable manner. The kids also like to be independent and can dress up on their own with little help. If they need assistance, they do not hesitate to ask for it.

These are some major milestones that you may notice in your child. . Are there any other milestones, that I may have missed. Do share your thoughts with us in the commets. You can also read milestones for two year old up on the blog.

(Disclaimer- It is important to note that each child is unique and may do things at different times. It’s not always necessary to worry, but trust your instincts and consult a doctor for medical opinion.)

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Post Author: Dishki

39 thoughts on “Development Milestones for Three-ager!


    (10th October 2020 - 17:21)

    Such a lovely post. It’s important to celebrate milestones for children but isn’t it also important to let them know to celebrate every moment of life???


      (20th October 2020 - 00:52)

      Agreed, we need to let them be the kids they are. 🙂

    Kiranmayi G

    (9th October 2020 - 13:07)

    Well written, concisely covering all important details.


    (9th October 2020 - 00:04)

    My little one just turned two so this post is quite helpful from a futuristic purpose. I am actually bookmarking this for ready reference.


    (8th October 2020 - 00:02)

    Of course, I used to be a child once upon a time! But it was interesting to read about the development of a 3 year old and imagine those early phase of life. It is quite intriguing actually, when I went through your post.


    (7th October 2020 - 17:21)

    Loved that very important disclaimer


    (7th October 2020 - 10:48)

    You have covered all milestones well


    (6th October 2020 - 22:15)

    Interesting read, could relate to my son and how we were trying to support him through different milestones…

    Chandresh jain

    (6th October 2020 - 21:16)

    My Kid has now turned 6 but we have seen similar triats in arham while growing up.

    Paresh Godhwani

    (6th October 2020 - 20:15)

    It is a great post for the new parents. It will guide them and let them prepare for such situations. Thank you for sharing this.

    Nazish Kondkari

    (6th October 2020 - 19:12)

    Perfect ways to keep kids busy other than keeping them all day with technology..i miss how we in our times used to have pre-school sessions and used to learn and recite poems together with actions….

    Sivaranjini Anandan

    (6th October 2020 - 18:57)

    Beautiful and well written analysis about the development of toddler’s early years of childhood.


    (6th October 2020 - 14:48)

    It is vital to track milestones in our kids to note their development. I liked your sharing of emotional development milestone which is so important. We keep a check on teething, walking, talking but emotional is as equivalent development as physical.


    (6th October 2020 - 10:11)

    This is such a nice blogpost. Its amazing how you covered all milestones and all important aspects at one place


    (6th October 2020 - 09:54)

    These are some nice tips and milestones to look forward to for better growth and health parameters in the growing kids.


    (5th October 2020 - 23:54)

    Nice blogpost sharing all the milestones under one place covering a the important aspects to look for as a parent.


    (5th October 2020 - 23:40)

    These are some very helpful pointers for parents of toddlers to understand the milestones. As you said, it also differs from child to child.


    (5th October 2020 - 23:03)

    Every milestone is really fun to learn new lessons …I love the way you have shared this

    Sindhu Vinod Narayan

    (5th October 2020 - 22:58)

    Lovely compilation. Mine is three Nd I could tick off almost all what you’ve mentioned.

    MeenalSonal Mathur

    (5th October 2020 - 22:32)

    These milestones are surely a joyful experience. And when kids can take staircases with one leg on each stair is achievement at this age.

    Gunjan Upadhyay

    (5th October 2020 - 22:18)

    Physical and Cognitive developments are at peak during this age, agree with your milestone developments here.


    (5th October 2020 - 21:23)

    I agree……Every child is unique and learn things in their own we as a parent we need to relax and enjoy their journey of growth.


    (5th October 2020 - 20:40)

    Parenting is really tough and there are so many good pointers in your article that can be useful .It is a detailed one.

    Harjeet Kaur

    (5th October 2020 - 20:30)

    In our time we didn’t know all this and just raised our kids by instinct. Hope we did a good job..but these days i am in awe of moms who really are into the right way of parenting.


    (5th October 2020 - 16:11)

    Though following milestones is good, but a disclaimer here that each child does things at his place and we shouldn’t get overwhelmed by that.


    (5th October 2020 - 15:25)

    That’s a very well curated post. I remember worrying about the milestones of my children. This will be helpful many.

    Swiddle D'Cunha

    (5th October 2020 - 15:23)

    My daughter is three.Thanks for the detailed post.


    (5th October 2020 - 14:38)

    The title says its all, such a cute title. Loved your detailed post on milestones and found it really acuurate and to the point.

    Anahita Irani

    (5th October 2020 - 13:43)

    I think you have covered all round development needed at this age. A kind reminder to all parents who stress only on cognitive development.

    Lancelot Quadras

    (5th October 2020 - 13:18)

    Indeed, any milestone is good. And yes, every child will grow at it’s own pace only. It kind of reminded me how my niece started learning names, and being able to hold a conversation.

    Afreen Ansari

    (5th October 2020 - 13:10)

    Now that’s quite a beautiful milestone. But children should achieve them at their own pace as rightly mentioned

    Rashi Roy

    (5th October 2020 - 12:33)

    Very true, every child follows their own sweet pace and we as parents shouldn’t panic if a milestone is not reached on time. Nice, informative post.


    (5th October 2020 - 12:29)

    Lovely post! I am glad that you balanced it out by saying that every child is different and has a different pace of development and learning – that portion will be a relief for anxious mothers. Well written post!

    Pooja Priyamvada

    (5th October 2020 - 11:56)

    This will certainly be useful for many parents

    Ninu Nair

    (5th October 2020 - 11:41)

    Yes, it is important to refer to the milestones but as you said, each child is different so we should let them grow at their own pace. This is such a handy post…really helpful for parents!

    Jyoti Jha

    (5th October 2020 - 11:11)

    These are some helpful guidelines to keep a track of child development. Very handful tips.


    (5th October 2020 - 09:48)

    The most enjoyable thing about kids of this age is thier questions about anything and everything 🙂

    Cindy DSilva

    (4th October 2020 - 03:56)

    yes these are indeed what we need to focus on for our little ones. mugging up ABC is not the only thing they should learn when young. its good that schools are also concentrating on this.

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