A day in my toddler’s life!

Toddlers are the hyperactive creatures who have energy to last a 48 hours in a 24 hours day. With online school beginning and my son transitioning from a play group to formal schooling, his days are interesting.

The day begins with the “Mother Me” trying to wake up my toddler for nth times and him turning the other way to sleep some more. He has got my genes which wish for more morning sleep than at anymore moment.

9:00 am 

Get up, brush, bath and get dressed for the online school

10:00 am

Having breakfast, watching cartoon and telling me the same dream for 15th time since waking up.

10:30 am 

The class starts…

10:31 am

What should I do Mumma? What is Ma’am telling?

10:32 am

Mumma, can I have a water break?

10:45 am

Mumma, I need a washroom break.

11:00 am

I am sleepy, I don’t want to write.

11:01 am

I don’t want to write anymore.

11:04 am

Ma’am, Ma’am, Ma’am…see my work.

11:15 am

Hello Ma’am! Mumma, I cant hear anything.

11:30 am

Mumma, I can’t see Ma’am. Are we on mute? Why can’t Ma’am hear me?

11:45 am

No more, no more! And, casually singing ‘Rain, rain go away’.

12:00 pm

Activity Time. Yay!

12:15 pm

I will cut with scissors. I will paste with glue.

12:30 pm

Yay! I colored it Mumma, I made the flower.

12:45 pm

Thank you Ma’am. Bye Ma’am


9:30 pm

Eat dinner and prepare to play more.

11:00 pm

Off to bed and continue talking till Mumma is asleep.

This is the jist of my toddler’s day. Only time when he needs something or is sleepy is during his classes. Anytime outside his school timing and in between the dinner passes by in the blur. Getting online classes done, feels as if I have taken admission again preschool. Do you also feel so? How is the online schooling treating you? Do share your thoughts with us in comments.

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