Are you healthy?

When you hear the word healthy, what comes first to your mind? Often we are only reminded of physical health. Are we in any physical pain or discomfort?

What about our mental health? A person who looks heathy to you might be undergoing struggles of his own and not speak up. Last two months have been hectic for me. Recovering physically was just one part of it.

You would hear people say to stay positive or strong in testing times. It is easier said than done. Days when I could not meet my mother due to unavoidable circumstances were the worst. How do you balance motherhood and daughter duties with equality?

I have realized that it takes a huge toll on mental health. And, the more you stay aloof, the more negative you think. Having atleast one trusted person to talk to makes the difference. And, if you cannot talk to someone around you then there is help available outside too.

I am no expert on mental health. And would not be the able to give professional advice. Personally, talking to friends and family helped a lot. Keeping busy and working helped me overcome negativity. Playing with my kids was a motivator. Whatever helps you get through tough times! Stay healthy physically and mentally.

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Post Author: Dishki

1 thought on “Are you healthy?


    (16th July 2021 - 11:38)

    So true..this past year we’d had to check in with our mental health and also our kids’ mental health.

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