Happy Hour!

A bar

‘Steven’s Bar’ has always been popular amongst people working in downtown Chicago.

Have you tried the Raspberry Martini? Its a popular choice with the regulars. The sweet berry taste & the zing of lemon complement each other. Or do you like Champagne, then you would love the Kir Royale. It French cocktail made with Creme de cassis, a black current liqueur and Champagne. And, have you ever tried the famous Red Sangria?

The bright red colored drinks have been the speciality of the bar and always taste the same. Only thing that changes frequently is bartender, never to be seen again!

Red drink in a class

I am taking part in #BlogchatterA2Z this April organized by Blogchatter. You can read my older post on great expectations too. Do share your thoughts in the comments.

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    […] taking part in #BlogchatterA2Z this April organized by Blogchatter. You can read my last story on Happy Hour too! Do share your thoughts in the […]

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