I see you!

I see you walking around like a zombie in my room. You are standing in front of my mirror and using my accessories. That’s my mascara that you just applied. You open my closet and wear my dresses to the parties. You are living my life. Life that I had built for me. How did it happen?

How did you come to live my life, while I am stuck here? Why cannot anyone hear my voice? I am screaming but no words leave my mouth. How could I let this happen? You were supposed to be the suppressed voice in my brain. I was taking all my medication and it was going well. The therapist said I would be fine, but he was wrong! Very wrong.

I do not remember when I had met you for the first time. Was it when I was bullied on the school playground? Or when I was pushed in my book locker while walking down the school corridor? Being pulled last for every team in school games or being ignored in the parties. One thing led to another and here you are. My Alter Ego!

The Alter Ego who has overtaken my life completely. Now people look up to me. Or should I say they look up to you? The introvert became the extrovert. From being last to party, you are the one who suggests the plan. Now, that I have only become a voice in my own head, I have time to reflect on the events in my life. And, I am unsure who is the right person to live in outside world. Someday, we may find the balance and exist simultaneously. Till then, I will shout and scream to be free of the prison in my own brain.

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Post Author: Dishki

2 thoughts on “I see you!


    (12th April 2021 - 20:55)

    Deep message in this post. And quite chilling too

    Suchita Agarwal

    (11th April 2021 - 19:13)

    Heartbreaking. It makes me mad to think certain kinds of individuals are more “accepted” than other kinds.

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